10 Types Of Tasty Paneer Dishes For Late Night Parties
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Paneer is a great dairy product in almost all curries, appetisers, and snacks. It tastes fantastic in all of these preparations. 

Its velvety smooth texture is incredibly nourishing and tastes great when combined with various seasonings. Every state creates a different dish with paneer, and it is consumed across the nation. 

In Indian subcontinental cuisine, paneer is a fresh, acid-set cheese prepared from full-fat buffalo or cow milk. It is a soft cheese that is not aged and does not melt. That is created by adding an acidic fruit or vegetable, like lemon juice, to curling milk.

Paneer is also excellent when used to make sweet meals or desserts. These desserts and recipes can be a late-night party hit after all those dancing in the house. Paneer dishes are easy to make as well. Try out these recipes for your next house party.  

10 Easy Paneer Dishes For Late Night Party To Impress Your Guest

1. Paneer Kathi Roll

It is a well-liked street dish that is perfect for a quick snack and simple to make at home. When the cooked paneer is rolled into the flour-based paratha with additional vegetables and spices, it's absolutely delicious and ready to be eaten. You can also use any type of flour to make paratha.

2. Paneer Chilli

Spicy food lovers will adore this dish, combining the flavours and styles of two cuisines. Paneer cubes are cooked with vinegar, soy sauce, chilli sauce, and spices to make them. This well-known and renowned recipe is consumed, particularly in North India. Also, it will go perfectly well with a late-night dinner table. 

3. Paneer Tikka

It's simple to make this beloved paneer appetiser at home whenever needed. Paneer cubes are marinated in a curd paste to make these tikkas, which are then barbecued with capsicum and other beloved vegetables. You can also keep them marinated beforehand and pop them in an air fryer or oven to get the best results quickly.

4. Paneer Pakora 

Indians adore the rainy season, but what they look forward to most is eating pakoras with garam chai. Making yourself some soft and crispy paneer pakoras with red and green chutney is the best thing you can do for yourself. Because of the paneer, they are crisp on the outside and smooth on the inside. It can be a great snack in the middle of the night too. 

6. Paneer Samosa 

You have to admit that Indians adore samosas, especially when they pair them with chai. Additionally, it gets harder to resist eating your samosas if you add paneer to them. The paneer paste and a few spices are combined into a flour coating and fried in oil to prepare them. It sure is a new dish but it has already captured cravings spots during hungry nights. 

7. Chhena Poda

This well-known Bengali dessert is now simple to make at home and is comparable to cheesecake. It is baked in banana leaf, and cardamom can be added for taste. They can also be topped like a cake and are perfect for home-making. It can be a very dessert at your late-night house party, which everyone loves. 

8. Rasgulla

Have you ever considered the composition of these water sponge balls you eat? You'd never guess that even these are composed of paneer. This extremely sweet Bengali delicacy is made by combining paneer paste, rounding them off, and adding them to chashni. You can even top each piece with kesar and pistachios.

9. Paneer Til-E

Cubes of paneer coated in an innovative blend of flavours. Topped with onion rings after being expertly cooked and marinated with yoghurt and sesame seeds. This is a fantastic first course for your upcoming dinner gathering. When paired with your preferred chutney, the table is ready to eat! 

10. Dum Paneer Mirch Kali

To make a recipe different from the norm, all it takes is a little magic from black pepper. Black pepper adds brightness to this stew made with paneer. It features bits of paneer with a rich, creamy sauce flavoured with black pepper and subtle spices. For a complete dinner, serve with any Indian bread or steamed rice. You can omit the cream if you want to make it lower in fat. 

Paneer is a haven for vegetarians in India. It is one of the most adaptable items in an Indian kitchen. Paneer is not only delicious but also incredibly nutrient-dense. Why not give these delicacies a try for your late-night get-togethers?