Lung Cleansing To Detoxifying: Here Are 10 Reasons To Opt For Tea
Image Credit: Lung Cleansing And Detoxifying Tea

Can chai be your health expert? Of course, yes! People have hailed the health benefits of tea for centuries. Tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. In this Covid-19 era, we have become a little more conscious about our health and socio-emotional well-being. And amid all this, tea is now trending as a new synonym of a health expert. Recently, researchers have studied the ability of tea to eradicate infectious agents and the power to prevent infections when blended with the right ingredients. In a world of toxicity and emissions, you need to keep your lungs clean and detoxed. And guess what? Different types of teas can in fact help you breathe easy. 

Here are 10 reasons to opt for tea as your favourite beverage, if you haven’t already: 

  • Lung Detoxifier- One of the major functions teas has is to filter the lungs. Besides the most effective medicinal herb, tulsi, other ingredients like stinging nettle, thyme, burdock root, Rhodiola rose, and mullein leaf act as a booster in the detoxification process of lungs. 
  • Respiratory Cleanse- Tea is a powerful herbal respiratory cleanser that can support the respiratory system all year round when combined with specific ingredients. Natural ingredients of tea soothe lungs, clear airways, cleanse the respiratory system and strengthen your respiration ability. 
  • Brain Booster- Ginko Biloba present in green tea blend stimulates the central nervous system and maintains overall mental health. 
  • Prevention Infections- Tea has multiple types of antimicrobial abilities to fight against many microorganisms, thus preventing infections.  
  • Helps Quit Smoking- Tea also helps quickly eliminate the waste from smoking and environmental toxins.

  • Emotional Healer- Tea arouses good hormone circulation in the body, which gives a calming effect.
  • May Prevent Asthma- Lung asthma can be eased effectively by the suitable consumption of tea. 
  • Weight Loss- Several tea polyphenols present in tea induces weight loss mechanisms. 
  • Heart Health- Tea can also help ease any cardiovascular disease.
  • Boosts Gut Health- Tea also helps in better digestion.

Thus, a cup of tea every day can help in maintaining good health.

(With inputs from Mr Amit Jain, Founder and CEO, The Indian Chai)