10 Dishes Of Andhra Pradesh That You Cannot Ignore
Image Credit: Andhra Pradesh Chicken Biriyani | Image Credit: Google

On the south-eastern side of the Indian peninsula lies the state of Andhra Pradesh, fondly called AP. Many things make it a fond part of the Indian cultural family, and its regional cuisine is one of them. The dry climate of the southern Rayalaseema region has given birth to some tough and spicy food, while the coast provides a plethora of seafood to stuff one’s mouth with.

It also shares much of its cuisine with neighboring southern Indian states, but with its own unique twist. There is something for everyone on these large plates. Read through the list below to learn about the delicious Andhra dishes.

1.    Pesarattu  

Dosa is the most famous dish in southern India. It can be eaten for breakfast or dinner and is full of nutrients. Pesarattu is AP’s contribution to the never-ending list of dosa varieties. It is primarily made using moong dal batter, with some rice flour added.

The batter is spread out on a hot plate known as the tava and allowed to harden into a soft solid. It may contain a mix of spices and herbs for added taste and is served with chutney, spicy powder dishes, pastes, and other side dishes. It has gained fame as a low-carb breakfast item.

2.    Ulava Charu

Popular statewide, this liquid dish is a mix between the south Indian stew rasam and a traditional soup. It is added to the cooked rice along with some ghee or milk-based cream that is produced locally.

The Ulava stands for horsegram, which is the main ingredient that is added with tomatoes and coriander leaves, along with a mixture of spices. Some even consume it as soup. It has many nutrients, especially with the horse gram being a great source of protein.

3.    Ragi Sangati and Natu Kodi Pulusu

This is one of the most popular chicken dishes served as a meal in AP. Ragi flour is heated with water and some salt and stirred with tough sticks to create a ball that is served with ghee and a side dish. Here, the side dish is the Rayalaseema-style chicken gravy which contains a bevy of spices like star anise and poppy seeds. Some people prefer to have it with cooked rice instead of the ragi balls. The ragi is a low-calorie, high-nutrient filler that comes with the additional benefits offered by the chicken.

4.    Aaku Kura Pappu

Think you don’t like spinach? Have Aaku Kura Pappu, and you'll reconsider your stance. This dish has taken the goodness of the green vegetable to a whole new level by adding it to a dal curry. The dish is similar to a Charu but with greater viscosity. It also provides the nutritional benefits of dal, which is great for those looking for something tangy without the spice that AP foods are known for. It goes well with cooked rice. 

5.    Royyala Vepudu

It is a seafood dish that is a contribution of the Nellore district of the state, which lies on the southeastern side. It is a region that is famed for its high-quality shrimp. Royyala Vedupu is filled with fried prawns that aren’t cooked too heavily and have a good mix of moderate spices. It is light on the stomach with low calories, but works the taste buds at the same time.

6.    Gutti Vankaya Koora

The name of this brinjal-based side dish is as mouthwatering as you will be when you're eating it. It tastes like the northern Indian curry Bagara Baingan. The dish is filled to the brim with a variety of flavors coming from red chilies, peanuts, and plenty of other spices. It works well with flatbread like chapati and with steamed rice. It brings the goodness of peanuts and spices, along with the nutritional value of brinjal.

7.    Gongura Pachadi 

Gongura Pachadi, belonging to the category of Indian spicy pickles but overlapping with the category of pastes, is a taste to behold. This is a type of chutney that is made from the leafy vegetable gongura, which grows extensively in the region. It is spicy and can be dry or oily. It is a characteristic side dish of AP and is consumed with rice and breakfast items like pesarattu. The gongura, combined with the spices, has a lot of nutritional value.

8.    Panasa Puttu Koora

It translates to "Jackfruit Curry" from the native Telugu language and is a traditional state dish. Raw jackfruit gets shredded first and then marinated with coconut, mustard, and other spices. It is for when you crave something sweet and spicy as a side dish with rice and other items.

9.    Andhra Special Chicken Biryani

This AP Biriyani competes with the state's previous favorite, Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Biryani lovers can expect a strong chicken flavor to hit them in each bite. It is cooked slowly over a flame by letting the vapors of the chicken fill the rice, giving it a unique taste. Local twists only expand its value.

10.    Pootharekulu

This sweet is perfect to top off your Andhra meal with its jaggery-laden wholesomeness. The special thing about this is that it is made of thin layers of rice flour rolled with great skill. It is filled with ghee with jaggery, powdered sugar, or chocolate stuffing at the center.

AP fits as a large, filling piece of the Indian traditional culinary puzzle, replete with mouth-watering dishes that can satisfy vegetarians and meat lovers alike. If you’re craving a different touch of Indian food, then Andhra’s dishes mentioned above will surely come to your rescue.