10 Desi And Delicious Paratha To Try For Midnight Cravings
Image Credit: Pexels

The most delicious type of bread in India is, without a doubt, parathas—just the name alone can make someone salivate. This delicious delicacy is usually brimming with ghee, bursting with the freshness of desi spices, and hiding a unique stuffing inside. 

Nothing is better than pulling off a piece of paratha, spreading some pickle on it, and indulging in this delectable bite of heaven. The best part is that you may enjoy your favourite parathas for breakfast, a snack, or dinner at any time of the day since they are delicious on their own.

Here's a list of the greatest paratha variants you shouldn't miss, ranging from the sweet gur parathas to the hot and spicy aloo parathas. Prepare the dough and filling ahead of time, then simply fill and cook with ghee on the day when your hunger strikes through at the middle of the night.

10 Paratha Options To Try 

1. Aloo Paratha

This is a timeless classic dish for breakfast! These golden-brown flatbreads hold a prominent place on the desi menu, filled with spicy potato stuffing. To soothe the palate, they are served with a big dollop of curd and butter. Not only are these delicious parathas delightful, but they are also satisfying. Even leftovers are eaten without any force or guilt. Everyone loves these and you can even save them for a day or two, to have at night. 

2. Gobi Paratha

Another well-liked variation of parathas is these whole wheat flour ones filled with a delicious cauliflower filling. Gobi haters have a delectable method to sneak the vegetable they detest, while admirers of the vegetable have even more reason to enjoy it. Enjoy a tasty, filling dinner by tearing out a large piece of the paratha and dipping it into a chilled bowl of raita or your preferred sabji.

3. Mooli Paratha

Who would have guessed that radishes would be such a tasty snack? These flatbreads include radish inside that has been covered in spices to give it a distinct flavour and scent. Mooli parathas are a pleasant and satisfying healthy alternative to regular parathas. Make these delicious parathas the next time you find yourself perplexed by the large supply of uninteresting radishes. You'll probably ask for more. These hit very differently at night, they are, for some reason, even tastier. 

4. Lehsun Paratha

These easy-to-make garlic parathas are really filling. Garlic's flavour complements the other spices well and adds a pleasant scent and crisp taste. A satisfying snack is a taste of hot, crispy parathas paired with your evening cup of tea. To complete a hearty lunch, you could also pile them high and eat them with a steaming bowl of dal.

5. Mix Vegetable Paratha

Vegetable goodness is right in your body through this paratha. These crunchy wheat flatbreads are filled with a piquant mixture of your favourite vegetables. When added to the filling, carrots, beets, peas, cauliflower, and potatoes taste amazing. These parathas taste amazing, are quite filling, and are very healthful.

6. Lacha Paratha

How could one overlook the renowned lacha paratha? Made with all-purpose flour, these crunchy layered parathas are a work of art on a platter. There is no stuffing in these parathas. This paratha is delicious when eaten layer by layer with stews or spicy curries. Keralans make a paratha identical to this one called Malabar parotta.

7. Gur Paratha

Everyone's favourite, simple, warm, and fulfilling parathas are also quite simple to make. These have a delicious jaggery filling, so if you're a sweets fan, you should absolutely try them. Gur parathas can be eaten as a snack to add a sweet touch to your dinner or as a way to stuff your stomach after consuming a few of these parathas and a glass of milk.

8. Methi Paratha

Fenugreek is used to make methi parathas, which are a cool snack on hot summer days. When combined with the wheat flatbreads, the otherwise dull methi becomes a delicious supper. Your taste senses are surely stimulated by the additional flavour when you spread it with a pickle. These green parathas are very healthy and provide you with a longer-lasting full feeling in your stomach.

9. Dal Paratha

Your leftover dal takes on a whole new flavour thanks to this paratha. Enjoy the flavours of the leftover dal and the rustic bread by tossing the spices into the wheat dough and stuffing it. If you are yearning to have dal parathas but don't have any leftover dal, whisk up some dal and push it into some perfectly flavoured bread. Eat them with curd and a hot, sour pickle.

10. Achari Paratha

Pickles and breads go well together, so why not put them in one dish? That is the main purpose of this paratha. For those who enjoy spiciness, this flatbread stuffed with copious amounts of pickle is a delight. This paratha's fiery, spicy flavour pairs wonderfully with butter or curd.

It makes sense that your tummy is aching for some steaming parathas. Take a stab at one of these late-night meals that will please your palate and fill you up when you need them the most- late at night.