10 Best Saoji Food Places In Nagpur Recommended By City Foodies
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If you are a foodie who loves to indulge in spicy food, then the fact that Maharashtra is known for some of the spiciest dishes in the world must be quite well known to you. But while most people who love Maharashtrian cuisine go straight for Malvani or Kolhapuri dishes for their high spice factor, most aren’t aware of the fact that Saoji cuisine from Nagpur is actually quite spicy. In fact, Saoji food is one of the spiciest in Maharashtra and anybody from Vidarbha can attest to this fact. 

Brought to Maharashtra by the Halba Koshtis of Madhya Pradesh in the 1870s, Saoji cuisine is based on a unique blend of 32 spices, dominated by dry red chillies, peppercorns, cinnamon, nutmeg and more. The Saoji masala is traditionally made with jute oil, which adds another layer of flavours to Saoji cuisine dishes. Though Saoji cuisine predominantly features mutton and chicken, there are many vegetarian versions that are also cooked up today.  

Wondering what are the best places in Nagpur to get an authentic taste of Saoji food? Slurrp asked Nagpur-based foodies and food influencers which places they love the most and why. Here are the top 10 Saoji food places in Nagpur recommended by city foodies. 

1. Rahi Savji Gharghuti Bhojnalay, Pratap Nagar by Pratiksha Jaiswal @bingelife 

With delicious dishes loaded with Saoji spices, this place offers up a bunch of special dishes that are very popular among Nagpur-based foodies and visitors alike. Their signature Mutton Savji comes in both gravy and dry formats, catering to the tastes of many. Though the outlet is quite small, it offers home-style Saoji food that nobody should miss.  

Must Try:  Mutton Savji 

Price for Two: Rs 300 (approx)  

Address: Near CCD, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur 

2. Saoji Jagdish Bhojanalay, Gandhibagh by Dr Sanskruti Gujar @junky_rover 

Always packed with plenty of foodies waiting to taste Saoji cuisine delights that Nagpur is famed for, this small but popular place offers up the best Thalis. Not only do they offer delicious Saoji Mutton and Chicken Thalis, but also offer up Saoji Paneer for those who are vegetarian and want to get a taste of the local cuisine. 

Must Try:  Saoji Paneer, Saoji Mutton 

Price for Two: Rs 1,00 (approx)  

Address: House 24, Subhash Road, Near Ganeshpeth, Gandhibagh, Nagpur 

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3. Umred Saoji Tadka, Somalwada by Neha Rahate @thetongueandscissors 

A great place to eat at and for takeouts, Umred Saoji Tadka is very popular for its limited menu that is packed with Nagpuri-special Saoji dishes. From their Mutton Masala to their fish and chicken delicacies, each dish is packed with the spicy flavours Nagpur is known for. A must-have at this place is the unique Saoji Khuskhus, which is simply loaded with poppy seeds. 

Must Try:  Saoji Khuskhus 

Price for Two: Rs 400 (approx)  

Address: Plot 3, Manish Nagar T Point, Somalwada, Nagpur 

4. Shankar Saoji Bhojnalay, Pratap Nagar by Ruchika Asatkar @ruchika_asatkar 

One of the best places in the city of Nagpur for Saoji food, this small but popular joint is famous for the spiciest of mutton delicacies. Their Saoji Mutton Masala and Saoji Mutton Kaleji are must-have dishes, especially when paired with freshly made Jowar Bhakris. Their Crab Saoji Rassa is another dish nobody should miss, and so is their Paneer Saoji. 

Must Try: Saoji Mutton Masala, Crab Saoji Rassa  

Price for Two: Rs 500 (approx)  

Address: House 4058/A/11, Plot 44, Bhamti Parsodi, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur 

5. Chaman Saoji, Bharat Mata Chowk by Varshha Bhojwani @foodwani 

In a city packed with Saoji food places that can all compete with each other in terms of flavours, Chaman Saoji stands out despite being relatively unknown to those who aren’t locals. Local foodies like Varshha Bhojwani love this small Saoji food joint for its authentic flavours. Whether you are eating there or getting your food packed, make sure you try the chicken and mutton Saoji Rassas here. 

Must Try:  Chicken Saoji Rassa 

Price for Two: Rs 250 (approx)  

Address: House 615, Jagnath Budhwari, Bharat Mata Chowk, Pachpaoli, Nagpur 

6. Sanju Saoji Bhojnalay, Hingna T Point by Pratiksha Jaiswal @bingelife 

Though small, Sanju Saoji Bhojnalay is quite the find if you are looking for a place that serves authentic Nagpuri dishes packed with Saoji flavours. From mutton and chicken to keema and khur, all the non-vegetarian dishes at this place are loaded with incredible Saoji spices. Tailor-made for those who love eating spicy food, Sanju Saoji Bhojnalay is a must-visit place for Saoji food. 

Must Try:  Mutton Saoji 

Price for Two: Rs 400 (approx)  

Address: Naik Layout, Jaytala Road, Hingna T Point, Nagpur 

7. Baba Saoji Bhojnalay, Hingna T Point by Ruchika Asatkar @ruchika_asatkar 

Among the top restaurants for Saoji food in the Hingna T Point area of Nagpur, Baba Saoji Bhojnalay is known for its loaded plates of Saoji food. Their Mutton Saoji Rassa, always paired with the freshest Jowar Bhakris, is a must-have for non-vegetarians who want a true taste of Nagpur’s Saoji cuisine. Known for their quick service, the Khur Mutton here is another must-try dish. 

Must Try:  Mutton Saoji Rassa, Khur Mutton 

Price for Two: Rs 300 (approx)  

Address: Aadhyapak Layout, Near Priyadarshani Girls Hostel, Hingna T Point, Nagpur 

8. Om Shakti Saoji Bhojanalaya, Pachpaoli by Neha Rahate @thetongueandscissors 

If you love spicy food, especially Nagpur-special Saoji food, then this small yet hygienic place in Pachpaoli area of the city is a must-visit. Famous for their Saoji Chicken and Saoji Mutton dishes, which can be paired with fresh rotis, Om Shakti Saoji Bhojnalay is quite popular among Nagpur foodies. Even their Keema Kaleji is loaded with Saoji spices and you should definitely order a plate while there. 

Must Try: Saoji Chicken, Keema Kaleji  

Price for Two: Rs 600 (approx)  

Address: Golibar Chowk, Opposite Ganesh Mandir, Pachpaoli, Nagpur 

9. Laxmi Saoji, Golibar Chowk by Varshha Bhojwani @foodwani 

Located near the Bohra Masjid of Nagpur, which is quite the crowd-puller, Laxmi Saoji gets a huge footfall of locals and tourists alike, all thanks to the amazing flavour of Saoji dishes served here. Though the place is quite small, it is hygienic and can seat many at a time. The Chicken and Mutton Saoji dishes here should not be missed while you are in town. 

Must Try: Chicken Saoji Rassa  

Price for Two: Rs 400 (approx)  

Address: Golibar chowk, Hansapuri, Nagpur 

10. Devrao M Saoji Bhojnalay, Umred by Ruchika Asatkar @ruchika_asatkar 

Another great find in Nagpur, Devrao M Saoji—popularly known as DM Saoji by locals—is a must-visit eatery if you love spicy food and want to try Saoji food for the first time. With a friendly staff and quick service, this place is packed with locals and tourists all year round. The Saoji Chicken here is a dish that simply shouldn’t be missed, but you can also try other chicken and mutton dishes here. 

Must Try: Saoji Chicken  

Price for Two: Rs 600 (approx)  

Address: Itwari Peth, Teachers Colony, Umred, Nagpur