10 Best Places To Have Ramen Noodles In India
Image Credit: Ramen | Image Credit: Pexels.com

There's no denying that a steaming bowl of ramen can lift your spirits. From hand-pulled and buckwheat ramen to vermicelli and udon, there are a variety of delicious varieties. Now is the time to enjoy this delicious dish as the cold and breezy days are here to stay. Here is a rundown of the 10 best places to have Ramen in India.:

1.    Kofuku, Mumbai

In Mumbai's suburban areas, the Japanese restaurant Kofuku is a popular dining destination. There are a few Japanese restaurants in Mumbai, but Kofuku is one of the best. You can order Tempura, sushi boats, and ramen on the menu at Kofuku. Also savor their Ten Zaru Soba or the Miso Ramen if you visit the restaurant.

Chef’s recommendation- Miso Ramen, Tempura, sushi

Address: 6th Floor, Suburbia Mall, Next to Shoppers Stop, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Price for two- INR 2,500

Timing- 12 PM to 11:45 PM 

2.    Fuji, Delhi

Taste excellent Ramen at Fuji in the inner circle of Connaught Place in Delhi without burning a hole in your pocket. Its extensive menu includes various authentic Japanese food items. You can start with an orange fruit wine, a prawn and vegetable tempura will impress you as the prawns are fresh and generously sized, and the vegetables served alongside it include okra and carrot. Tomato and Bacon Yakitori is also not be missed here, also savor different varieties of sushi rolls and end it all with some delicious fried ice cream.

Chef’s recommendation-Ramen, Tempura, Yakitori

Address: M-41/2, Speedbird House, Middle Cir, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Price for two- INR 2,300

Timing- 12 PM to 10:30 PM

3.  Harima, Bangalore

Once you enter Residency Road, you'll find a well-appointed restaurant called Harima which is divided over two floors. The sitting areas are on the first floor, and there are low tables where you can dine on the ground as a Japanese family does. Japanese expats can be spotted here dining with their families. While here you can savorseveral types of sushis and sashimis washed down with hot sake.

Chef’s recommendation- Sushi platter, Sake

Address: Devatha Plaza, Residency Road 

Price for two-INR 2,000 

 Timing- 12 PM to 11 PM

4. Mamagoto, Kolkata

Mamagoto is a fun and easy-going Asian dinner place at Park Street, Kolkata. Their ramen bowls, Mama’s Spicy Tofu Ramen Bowl in particular, are hugely popular. They pack a punch of spice and healthiness into this ramen, which you can choose from six options of ramen, including a prawn, tofu, vegetable, shrimp, and chicken mixture. A soul-warming meal is guaranteed.

Chef’s recommendation-Mama's Spicy Tofu Ramen Bowl, Shrimp Ramen

Address- 24, Park Street, Annex Building, Magma House Complex, Park Street Area

Price for two- INR 1,500

Timing-12 PM to 11 PM

5. Ping’s Orient, Delhi

If you’re in New Delhi and craving for good Japanese Ramen in the city, then head to Ping’s Orient. They have an impressive menu full of vegetarian and gluten-free selections, and their ramen bowls are sure to please. Try the ramen bowl with snow peas, shiitake mushrooms, broccoli. There is also a flavorsomepho noodle soup with snow peas, broccoli and rice stick noodles. 

Chef’s recommendation-Dynamite Shrimp, Coconut Jaggery Ice Cream

Address: Main Market, 13, Lodi Colony, New Delhi

Price for two- INR 2,000

Timing- 12 PM to 11:30 PM

6. Ginkgo, Pune

Ramen fans in Pune are in for a real treat with Gingko at Kothrud. This unassuming eatery creates scrumptious ramen. Their tonkotsu ramen is a huge hit and is composed of a broth topped with pork, fish cakes, and egg. They also offer a light and clear chicken broth and a spicy Taiwan ramen. Their vegetarian option, includes a tomato-based broth with spicy miso. 

Chef’s recommendation- Tonkotsu ramen, Taiwan ramen

Address-Damodar Villa Apartment, 12, WarjeMalwadi Rd, Rahul Nagar, Kothrud, Pune

Price for two-INR 1,000

Timing-12:30 PM to 10 PM

7. Milliways Broth Noodle and Bao, Mumbai

Milliways Broth Noodle and Bao is located in the alleys of South Mumbai and serves everything from pan-fried noodles to bite-sized appetizers, Vietnam pho, khao soi, and Japanese Ramen. The Miso Ramen and Braised Chicken Spicy Shoyu Ramen are perfect for you to savor on your visit there.

Chef’s recommendation-Miso Ramen, Spicy Shoyu Ramen

Address: Shop no 12, Piroja Mansion, Alibhai Premji Rd, Pannalal Terrace, Bharat Nagar, Grant Road East, Mumbai

Price for two- INR 2,500

Timing- 12 PM to 9 PM 

8. Misu, Bangalore

You must make sure you eat at Misu if you love Asian food. It is located in the center of the city, on St Marks Road, and is a rooftop restaurant. The restaurant gets very busy, so make sure to reserve a table. You will enjoy its turnip cakes, Thai Red Curry Noodles, and the three kinds of ramen—a traditional miso broth that's particularly salty and creamy, a spicy Korean ramen and a vegan ramen.

Chef’s recommendation- Thai Red Curry Noodles, Kappa Maki

Address: 4th Floor, Building 9,Halcyon Complex, St. Marks Road 

Cost for two: Rs 2,000

Timing- 12 PM to 12 PM

9. The Fatty Bao, Kolkata 

You can get great ramen and other classic noodles at this Japanese eatery, but the quirky ambience and menu items set it apart. Try a bowl of their chicken-based coconut broth, then their exotic mushroom ramen with truffle oil in it, and ofcourse their traditional ramen.The chicken tantanmen is a crowd favorite though.

Chef’s recommendation- Tantanmen, Mushroom ramen, 

Address: 9th Floor, 6 Camac Street, Fort Knox, Kolkata

Cost for two- Rs 1,500 (for two)

Timing-12 PM to 12 AM

10. Izumi, Mumbai

Izumiuses the highest quality ingredients to make their ramen. There are 14 ramen options to choose from. Order the shoyu chintan ramen if you want something simple, the potato and almond ramen if you want something different, or the seafood ramen if you want to have the best of everything.

Chef’s recommendation- Seafood ramen, Sashimi Salad, Matcha Ice cream,

Address: Ground Floor, Sunrise Cooperative Society, Rd Number 24, Khar West, Mumbai,

Cost for two: INR 2,500 

Timing- 12 PM to 11:45 PM