Places Included

  1. Batohi Sweets And Restaurant 
  2. Baba Tiwari Bhojnalaya 
  3. Kaidi Kitchen 
  4. Muskan Chicken Biryani 
  5. Tandoori Nights 
  6. Suyash Restaurant 
  7. Sagar Sweets 
  8. Moti Mahal Delux 
  9. Sulaiman Kabab Paratha 
  10. Naresh Sweets 

To understand the context of the formation of Uttar Pradesh as a state and the gastronomic affairs of today, we need to go back to history textbooks to trace the amalgamation of Awadh into one of the largest states of the country. The royal kitchens of Awadh have witnessed the creation of several delicacies like Murg Mussallam, mutton qorma along with fluffy naan breads and kulchas. This Awadhi tradition of meaty curries as well delectable kebabs gets translated into Raebareli’s cuisine of today. Raebareli has been the most prominent seat for the Gandhi family after Amethi. This strategic region lies in the northwestern part of present-day Uttar Pradesh. 

Situated on the banks of River Sai, Raebareli is a part of the City of Nawabs, Lucknow. Given the historical influences of Mughals, their Persian-inspired cooking styles found way into the Awadhi kitchens, which were then adapted into newer methods of cooking, keeping the essence intact. The slow-cooking techniques and use of exotic spices in the former were included in the latter through roasted spices and addition of saffron for fragrance. 

Be it boti kebabs, pasanda or halwas, you can find everything in the heart of Raebareli. Here are some of the best places to devour all these foods. 

Best Places To Eat In Raebareli 

1.  Batohi Sweets And Restaurant 

A simple and humble eatery in on the Lucknow-Allahabad Road, Batohi sweets offers a range of North Indian delicacies like Paneer Pasanda, Paneer Kaju Masala and veg Jalfrezi. This is a purely vegetarian eatery with a few South Indian and Chinese options too. Known for their hygienic space and quick service, this place is a must-try. 

Where: Lucknow - Allahabad Rd, Khojanpur, Uttar Pradesh 229404

Timings: 10:30 am-11 pm

Cost For Two: ₹600

Cuisines Offered: North Indian, South Indian, Chinese 

Source: Paneer Pasanda/Shutterstock 


2.  Baba Tiwari Bhojnalaya 

Since Raebareli isn’t big on restaurants, it is dhabas like Baba Tiwari that keep the foodscape of the city going. This is a small eatery in the Civil Lines area that offers some of the best vegetarian North Indian food. Their Navratan korma is a must-have along with soft and buttery naan. 

Where: Civil Lines, RaeBareli, Raebareli - 229001

Timings: 9 am-10 pm

Cost For Two: ₹500

Cuisines Offered: North Indian 

Source: Navratan Korma/Shutterstock


3.  Kaidi Kitchen

Meat lovers can head to Kaidi Kitchen without a doubt. While their vegetarian options are no less tempting, it is their egg masala, bhuna chicken and mutton desi masala that wins hearts. They’ve also got biryanis on the menu but we suggest that you try the curries first. With a small kitchen and limited seating, the place does a really good job at serving you great food. 

Where: 2nd floor, Degree College Chauraha, beside Good Morning Bakery, Nirala Nagar, Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh 229001

Timings: 11 am-11 pm

Cost For Two: ₹500

Cuisines Offered: North Indian, Chinese 

Source: Mutton Masala/Shutterstock 


4.  Muskan Chicken Biryani 

This is the reason we told you to hold up that biryani craving. Muskan Chicken Biryani is one of the best places to devour a plate of hearty biryani in Raebareli. It has a special biryani masala which seems to be a trade secret and attracts scores of locals and tourists each day. The long-grain rice mixed with the succulent pieces of chicken is a great lunch option when in the city. 

Where: Amethi, Jais, Raebareli - 229305

Timings: 10 am-8 pm 

Cost For Two: ₹350

Cuisines Offered: North Indian, Biryani 

Source: Awadhi Chicken Biryani/Shutterstock


5.  Tandoori Nights 

If you’re in Raebareli, you cannot miss out on the luscious kebabs that they have to offer. Melt-in-your-mouth with the meat cooked to the T, Tandoori nights is a one-stop shop for the boti, kakori, pasanda and tunde kebabs. One specialty of this place is their kadi kebabs, which is basically chicken cooked on skewers. 

Where: 153 Jheel Khuranja, Lal Quater, Krishna Nagar, Delhi, 110051

Timings: 10 am-10:30 pm

Cost For Two: ₹500

Cuisines Offered: North Indian, Kebabs 

Source: Boti Kebab/Shutterstock 


6.  Suyash Restaurant 

A multi-cuisine restaurant with plenty of options on the menu, Suyash is a slightly fancy restaurant amidst the dhaba culture of Raebareli. An upgrade from the street food, this place makes the best tandoori chicken in Raebareli. The restaurant also has several sweets on the menu, out of which kulfi falooda is the most popular one. 

Where: National Highway 24B, Ekta Vihar Colony, Colony, Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh 229001

Timings: 7 am-10:30 pm

Cost For Two: ₹750

Cuisines Offered: Tandoori Food, North Indian, Kebabs

Source: Kulfi Falooda/Instagram


7.  Sagar Sweets 

A purely vegetarian dining space, Sagar Sweets, as the name suggests, offers plenty of desserts along with savouries. You cannot leave this place without trying their khoya peda. A bite-sized sweet made with khoya or mawa, it is rolled into a ball and dusted with powdered sugar. Apart from this, they also have quick bites like samosa and kachoris. 

Where: PNT Colony, Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh 229001

Timings: 7 am-11 pm

Cost For Two: ₹300

Cuisines Offered: Sweets, Quick Bites 

Source: Khoya Peda/Shutterstock


8.  Moti Mahal Delux 

For a fine-dining experience while savouring the local flavours, head to Moti Mahal Delux. This quaint restaurant is one of the few proper establishments for North Indian food. They have the best butter chicken for sure, but when you’re in Raebareli, try their Mughlai chicken too. 

Where: First Floor, Dashmesh Complex, Super Market, Uttar Pradesh 229001

Timings: 12 pm-11 pm

Cost For Two: ₹1,000 

Cuisines Offered: North Indian, Mughlai, Awadhi 

Source: Mughlai Chicken/Shutterstock 

9.  Sulaiman Kabab Paratha 

It is not uncommon to find kebabs being paired with parathas for evening snacks or dinner. Scores of shack shops line up the streets in Lucknow to serve this delectable combo. One of the well-known places among them is the Sulaiman Kabab Paratha. Galouti and tunde kebabs are wrapped in thick and fluffy paratha and dunked with green chutney and onions on top. 

Where: Ali Mian Chowk, Kaharon Ka Adda, PNT Colony, Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh 229001

Timings: 7 pm-11 pm 

Cost For Two: ₹600

Cuisines Offered: Kebabs, Parathas 

Source: Tunday Kebab With Paratha/Shutterstock 


10.  Naresh Sweets 

A very popular mithai shop in Raebarelli, this place serves the cravings of all sweet meat lovers. From their anjeer barfi to gulab jamun, there is nothing that will leave you disappointed. Even their kachoris and samosas are quite fresh. 

Where: Super Market, Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh, India

Timings: 6:30 am-11 pm

Cost For Two: ₹400

Cuisines Offered: Sweets, Snacks 

Source: Anjeer Barfi/Shutterstock