10 Best Misal Pav Places In Pune As Recommended By City Foodies
Image Credit: Ashray Patil

In April 2023, a renowned food guide platform came up with a global list of Best Traditional Vegan Dishes. While three Indian traditional dishes made it to the list, the topmost position was given to Misal Pav, which ranked 11th on the global list. If that doesn’t prove the might of this simply cooked street food dish from Maharashtra, then we don’t know what will. For both locals and tourists, Misal Pav is a must have in Maharashtra, a state which is anyways known for some of the best snacks. 

For those who don’t know, Misal Pav is a spicy snack which has three components. The Misal refers to a spicy—or tikhat as they say in Marathi—gravy that is usually deep brown in colour. This Misal is topped with Farsaan or fried and crunchy goodies made of gram flour and lentils. On the side is the Pav, soft bread rolls that are really handy when it comes to mopping up the spicy Misal gravy. Most Maharashtrians will, in fact, tell you that this combination is so amazing that Misal Pav is not just a dish, but an emotion. 

Legend has it that Misal Pav was born in the Khandesh region of Maharashtra, which is basically where Nasik and Ahmednagar are situated. Today, three major Maharashtrian cities claim to serve the best Misal Pav in the state—Nasik, Kolhapur and Pune. But ask any true-blue Puneri foodie—and we did just that for your benefit—and they will tell you that Puneri Misal Pav is the best there is in the world! But where exactly in Pune can we get a bite of this iconic Misal Pav? 

Slurrp caught up with Puneri foodies who gave us the lowdown on the best Misal Pav places in Pune. They also explained why you need to go check out the extraordinary Misal Pav served at these iconic restaurants and eateries in the city. Here’s the list. 

Appa Misal, Nana Peth & Rupesh Misal, Dehu Road; Recommended by Ashray Patil @thefoodmonster_ 

Appa Misal 

Located on the main signal junction of Nana Peth, which food and travel blogger Ashray Patil refers to as the “two-wheeler capital of Pune”, Appa Misal is a very busy place and is known by another iconic name. “This place is also known locally as Bhiid Misal,” he explains. “Bhiid is a motivational word in Marathi, and the owner of Appa Misal yells out the word every time he serves a bowl of Misal! The Misal itself is very spicy, as it should be, and it is topped with matki, farsaan, boiled potatoes, pohe and another special rassa or gravy, which is optional. The quantity is quite sufficient and their Misal Pav makes for a sumptuous breakfast. I usually pair the Misal Pav with Masala Chaas.” 

Must Try: Ghee Misal Pav 

Price for Two: Rs 200 for two people (approx) 

Address: Chowdi Chowk, Near Barath Pertrol Pump, 527, New Nana Peth, Pune 

Rupesh Misal 

A busy Misal Pav joint located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Rupesh Misal attracts a huge crowd of tourists and locals alike. “I recently had the pleasure of dining at this restaurant, and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with my experience,” says Ashray. “I had their Special Misal Pav topped with sprouted beans and farsaan. The Misal here was perfectly spiced and had just the right amount of heat. The Pav was soft and fluffy, and served fresh out of the oven. The dish was so flavorful and satisfying, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic Maharashtrian food experience. Plus, the staff is very friendly and attentive too.” 

Must Try: Special Misal Pav 

Price for Two: Rs 200 for two people (approx) 

Address: Near Somatane Toll Naka, Somatane Phata, Dehu Road, Pune 

Katakirr, Karve Nagar & Bappa Misal, Sadashiv Peth; Recommended by Punam Patil @thecrazyindianchef 


This one is another iconic Misal Pav place in Pune, and one of the oldest too. Food blogger and home cook Punam Patil gives us all the details. “They have different Misal Pav plates based on the spice levels: Tikhat (red hot one recommended for locals and connoisseurs), Medium Tikhat (recommended for those who want a true taste), and Light Tikhat(the lowest possible spice level),” she explains. “This plate of Misal Pav at Katakirr is not the fanciest in the city, but tastes he best. The place is always crowded, so you have to get a token first and then wait for your number to come up. With your preferred Misal Pav, you should definitely try the cold Mattha here.” 

Must Try: Medium Tikhat Misal Pav 

Price for Two: Rs 200 for two people (approx) 

Address: 23/11, Cummins College Rd, Deep-Jyoti colony, Hingne Budrukh, Karve Nagar, Pune 

Bappa Misal  

While some of the most famous Misal Pav places in Pune are local or roadside eateries, Bappa Misal is a bit fancier and offers an unusual take on the iconic Misal Pav. “Apart from offering traditional tikhat Misal Pav, the guys at Bappa Misal also offer Bunny Chow Misal,” Punam explains. “A large loaf of Pav is hollowed out and stuffed with Misal, farsaan, cheese, etc to make this unusual but delicious take on Misal Pav.” While Bappa Misal has two branches, one in Wakad and another in Tilak Nagar, Punam recommends you try the latter branch. 

Must Try: Bunny Chow Misal  

Price for Two: Rs 300 for two people (approx) 

Address: Near New English School, Tilak Road, Sadashiv Peth, Pune 

Bhadait Misal, Erandwane & Vaidhya Upahar Gruha, Budhwar Peth; Recommended by Parth Sachin Marathe @foodish_punekar  

Bhadait Misal 

One of the oldest Misal Pav places in Pune, Bhadait Misal serves extraordinarily delicious plates of the iconic dish. “They have been around since 1991 and are my personal favourite,” says food influencer and blogger Parth Sachin Marathe. “I’ve been having their special Misal Pav for the last eight years and they have maintained such consistency in taste. Their Misal Pav boasts of a very homely and spicy rassa and it is also very pocket friendly. They serve a Misal Thali for Rs 130 which has four pavs, Misal rassa, matki kanda (onions cooked with moth beans), shegdana cha laadu (peanut laddoos), taak (a summer drink) and plenty of farsaan.”  

Must Try: Misal Thali 

Price for Two: Rs 150 for two people (approx) 

Address: Lane 14, Income Tax Office Lane, Prabhat Road, Near Seed Infotech Company, Erandwane, Pune 

Vaidhya Upahar Gruha 

“Another one of the oldest Misal Pav places in Pune City, legend has it that this place has been running since British Colonial times when Pune was a cantonment,” Parth says. “In fact, they don’t just serve Pav but also bread slices with their Misal for that colonial touch. My favourite Misal here is the one made with green peas. This is a unique take on Misal Pav and tastes completely different from other versions.” 

Must Try: Green Misal Pav 

Price for Two: Rs 300 for two people (approx) 

Address: 676, Budhwar Peth Road, Budhwar Peth, Pune 

Aabachi Misal, Rasta Peth & Nisarg Misal, Pimpri; Recommended by Mrunmai Naikwadi @tasteofmiles 

Aabachi Misal 

This Misal Pav joint near Rasta Peth has been around for decades and should be on your must-visit list according to Mrunmai Naikwadi, a blogger who has covered almost every famous Misal Pav place in the city. “Also known as Sreekala Misal, this is the most crowded Misal place in Rasta Peth area,” she explains. “The place is small and not fancy, but is famed for its quick service. Their Special Misal Pav is topped with poha chiwda, sev, chopped onions, sprouts and the Misal itself is medium spicy and delicious.” 

Must Try: Special Misal Pav 

Price for Two: Rs 200 for two people (approx) 

Address: Gangotri Apartment, Porwal Metallica, Rasta Peth, Pune  

Nisarg Misal 

One of the oldest restaurants that offer Misal Pav in Pune’s Pimpri Chinchwad area, Nisarg Misal is a favourite among suburban locals. “It was started around 18-20 years back and now they also have a few more outlets across the city,” Mrunmai explains. “Their Misal is both hot and spicy and a must-have for spice lovers. Their Misal is topped with sev, onions and they more toppings are added as per your preference. The dish here is simply amazing to taste.” 

Must Try: Special Misal Pav 

Price for Two: Rs 500 for two people (approx) 

Address: Pimpri Gaon, Saudagar Road, Pimpri, Pune 

Jogeshwari Misal, Rahatani & Shree Samarth Krupa Matki Bhel & Matki Misal, Vadgaon; Recommended by Chetan Chauhan @thegluttongourmand 

Jogeshwari Misal 

Located on the main road, this Misal Pav place has a comfy outdoor seating. “They offer two types of Misal plates: the regular Misal plate and a Special Misal plate, which includes various add-ons such as buttermilk, extra Farsaan, yogurt, boiled Matki, and more,” says food blogger and influencer Chetan Chauhan. “The Misal served here strikes a remarkable balance of flavors. The spiciness and sweetness are perfectly harmonized, creating a delightful taste experience. Without a doubt, this place is a must-visit for Misal enthusiasts in the PCMC area.” 

Must Try: Special Misal Plate 

Price for Two: Rs 200 for two people (approx) 

Address: Tambe Rd, near Mangal Murti Hospital, Rahatani Gaon, Pawana Nagar, Rahatani, Pune 

Shree Samarth Krupa Matki Bhel & Matki Misal 

“If you're gearing up for a short weekend drive, this place is an ideal destination, located near Pimpri Chinchwad area on the scenic Old Mumbai Pune Highway,” Chetan says. “What sets this place apart from other Misal joints is their distinctive black Rassa with plentiful servings of Matki (moth beans). Just like other places, they generously add Farsaan on top, accompanied by their special Rassa, which is served with Pav (bread), along with a small bucket of the same flavorful Matki Rassa.” 

Must Try: Black Rassa Misal Pav 

Price for Two: Rs 500 for two people (approx) 

Address: Old Mumbai - Pune Hwy, Vijay Nagar Colony, Vadgaon, Pune