10 Art Cafes Where You Can Eat And Sketch
Image Credit: Cafe | Image Credit: Pexels.com

A complete dining experience isn’t only about the food but also about the sight, smell, and ambiance. Nowadays, there’s a growing trend of combining art and food, and that has resulted in art cafes to keep you immersed in creative activities till the food arrives. Here are 10 art cafes that are bound to rekindle the creative soul inside of you: 

1.    Dyu Art Café, Koramangala, Bengaluru

A bungalow-style cafe located in the center of Koramangala, with stone benches near the entrance and a verandah that resembles a Kerala-style cafe. Dyu Art Café was opened about seven years ago with nine Bengaluru-based artists displaying their work. To expand the horizons of artists as well as visitors, works of art by children, local and international artists are displayed on the walls. These are refreshed every three months to maintain a fresh, inviting vibe. Enjoy a coffee as you wander the café, or pick from comfort foods like pizza, burgers, and chocolate cake if you prefer a bite to eat. 

2.    David Hall Art Cafe, Fort Kochi, Kochi,

The David Hall Art Cafe is a 17th-century Dutch colonial home that's been remodeled to function as a cultural center, gallery, and cafe. Many artists and art enthusiasts congregate there. Modern artists' works are displayed on the walls as well as in exhibitions. The cafe's laid-back atmosphere and performances are hugely praised by regulars. Pizza is one of the cafe's most popular items at this café. The menu, however, may vary depending on when you visit. 

3.    Urban Solace, Ulsoor, Bengaluru

The Ulsoor area is experiencing a cultural renaissance thanks to the efforts of Urban Solace by Perry Menezes. This café is dedicated to promoting the arts and culture in Bengaluru and is frequented by comedians, artists, and writers alike. Open-mic events are a magnet for laughter and good vibrations, and artwork by local artists is everywhere. On the Wall of Love, people leave doodles and notes to express their affection for the café every February. You'll be delighted with what you see on the menu, from waffles to brinjal bake, but you must come here for the paneled walls that showcase Bengaluru’s creative minds. 

4.    Lala's Art Cafe, Main Bazar Road, Leh

A delightful and warm Ladakhi restaurant, Lala's Art Cafe offers delectable Ladakhi cuisine as well as exquisite pieces of art. Lala's Art Cafe has been around for a long time. An old monastery that was on the verge of demolition was transformed into a gallery café. Both foreign and Ladakhi artists and photographers are showcased in this impressive art café. The nine-foot-tall statue of Maitreya Buddha that greets you as your approach the café sets the right tone for every visitor. Fresh juices, hamburgers, coffee, butter chai, quiches, pasta, and a really tasty tsampa with cheese will make your time at the café worth your while.

5.    National Gallery of Modern Art, Palace Road, Bengaluru

The National Gallery of Modern Art in Bengaluru is home to a variety of renowned artists' works, including Amrita Shergil and Raja Ravi Varma. There’s a ton of fantastic art to immerse yourself in at the National Gallery of Modern Art.Or if you'd rather just pick up a book and read it while nursing a cup of coffee, you can visit the café adjacent to the building. A bubbling tea in one hand and a book about art in the other – some days are just about the small joys of life. You can also enjoy the view of fountains and a beautiful mirror pond if you'd like to sit and ponder or just let your imagination run free. 

6.    The Gallery Café, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 

You should clear some space on your mobile device so you can take pictures of everything at The Gallery. You'll see that the café is beautifully decorated with literature, modern art, and pictures that have been chosen thoughtfully. Each piece of furniture is hand-painted, and their furnishings are one-of-a-kind. On Wednesdays, you can also attend one of The Gallery Cafe's open mics, live performances, or poetry readings. This is the quintessential art café, a living-breathing fount of creativity. 

7.    Art Café, Brigade Gateway, Bengaluru

Food, drink, and art are three aspects of the Sheraton Grand Bangalore that intersect at the chic corridor connecting the hotel with the World Trade Center. Artists such as Madhuri Kathe, Basuki Dasgupta, Dinkar Jadhav, and Laxman Aelay display their works at Art Café here. Visitors can view rows of paintings, as far as the eye can see, while windows on one side offer a look at the concrete aesthetics of the urban area. Recommended food items include the fig and arugula salad, grilled salmon, and pizzas. Baklava and chef Laxman Aelay’s signature tiramisu are offered to those with a sweet tooth. The skywalk café has an array of mocktails, including the mango Frida, which combines mango juice, litchi juice, and mint leaves. 

8.    The Project Café, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad 

Don't miss out on this lovely yellow home café that was created by artists. A wide range of artwork is displayed throughout the café, from classic to modern to some remarkable doodles!The café's proprietorshave deliberately chosen to open their doors all kinds of artists, from classic to contemporary to doodlers in order to create an inclusive art gallery. You can purchase also tableware and clothing created by the artists. The art is not just for display, you canalso purchase the ones that strike a chord with you. 

9.    You and I - Arts Café, Umshing-Mawkynroh, Shillong

An art café that understands the aficionado's need for a good beverage? Yes please! This cafe offers more than 110 flavors of tea, with rosella tea being the most popular. Combine that with the Khasi dishes on the menu, and the cafe functions as a meeting point and center for exchanging ideas. You can also purchase local artists' handicrafts at this art café. The café has spaces dedicated to creating dolls and hand puppets, and visitors are encouraged to try their hand at the craft as well. If you’re more the quietly expressive sort, head over to the chalkboards and draw doodles. They also have a section dedicated to old board games, some of which are available for purchase. 

10.    Artville Café, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru

If you're the ‘arty’ type of individual, the striking murals that surround this airy space will draw you in.If youjust want to learn to paint, you can give it a go at Artville Academy's classes and painting club sessions. Maybe you just want to pick up a brush and get your hands dirty for a bit; well, that is allowed too. You can also learn about ‘art therapy’. After your creatively spent time here, thefolks at Artville Academy also generously allow you to take your own work home. (Maybe they don't want your amateurish mess left behind?) There are bookshelves in a nook of the eating joint, while those who prefer to save their energy for the office can enjoy a high-speed internet connection at a minimal cost per day. Local and international artists showcase their work in the adjacent gallery. Paintings can be purchased for as little as Rs 2,000. The café's menu isn’t the most extensive, but it will satisfy your appetite with penne arrabbiata, fish and chips, and French toast that are made with love.