67-Year-Old-Woman Finishes 10 Bowls Of Curry Noodles Before Dine-In Restrictions In Singapore

All foodies have a favorite place to devour their favorite meals. We often like to visit that place whenever we get time from our busy schedules. But with the ongoing pandemic we also have to follow rules in accordance with government’s guidelines and this restricts many dine-in options that are available. Something similar happened in Singapore, when a 67-year-old woman couldn’t digest the fact that her favorite food wouldn’t be available for a certain period of time once the restrictions kicks in.

The Singaporean woman named Jiang Ah Hua is known to be a big fan of curry noodles and is known to visit her favorite food court at Block 478 Tampines Street 44, three to four times a week with her husband. So, when she came to know about the Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA) in Singapore, the senior citizen decided to make a little visit to her go-to place.

When Jiang visited the Kofuku food court, she ordered her staple curry noodles, which she always adored as a loyal customer. The peculiar thing about the order was that she didn’t order one, not two, but ten whole bowls of her beloved curry noodles. This sight also astonished the 43-year-old stall owner Wanbao, who further challenged her, by saying that if she finished them all she could have them for free. 

According to a Chinese paper, Jiang didn’t only finish these 10 bowls of curry noodles which consisted of chicken, potatoes, fish cake slices, tofu soaked in a thick curry broth, but was also done with it in mere 45-minutes (Wow!).

The stallholder was also amazed by Jiang’s appetite and reportedly also said that being a hawker for over a decade, he had never seen anyone with such zeal for food.

Jiang’s adoration for her favorite bowl of curry noodles truly made us believe that love for food has little to do with your age. Tell us about your beloved food for which you can go to any extent.