Hina Khan has known to be a true foodie, who loves exploring new kinds of cuisines and relishes the regional fare to her heart’s content whenever she is travelling. On her recent vacation to Egypt, Hina Khan has been sharing the beautiful views of the Egyptian pyramid and the other historical beauties of the country. The mosques, museums and the grand architecture has been a treat to watch all this while. One thing that we eagerly wait to watch are her food stories. From lavish breakfast spreads to delectable regional lunch, she has been gorging on it all. 

Recently, the TV actor took to her Instagram stories to share her love for a particular dish which isn’t Egyptian. Her stories might have been full of meaty and rich dishes from the cuisine there but her breakfast usually consists of fresh fruits and smoothies. However, this time she expressed her love for croissants with utmost happiness and we are loving it.  Here is a glimpse of her story. 

Source: Screengrab/Hina Khan's Instagram Stories

 She pans the camera to the lovely breakfast spread and then stops at the croissant section and turns it to herself saying, “I love croissants”. This French delicacy, for those untouched by the phenomenon, is a crescent-shaped flaky pastry that finds its roots in Austrian cuisine. This usually comes packed with a flavouring like butter, chocolate, vanilla or simply a plain and crispy bun. Hina Khan is loving her croissants and so are we. 

So why not make some at home? Here are some delicious croissant recipes for you to try. 

1.  Avocado Chicken Croissants 

The flaky buns are stuffed with a creamy layer of avocado-flavoured chicken in between. These croissants make for a great breakfast. 

2.  Garlic Grilled Cheese Croissants 

With strong and aromatic hints of garlic, these croissants are slathered with cheese and grilled to perfection. 

3.  Nutella Croissants 

Do you like nutella? Then these croissants are perfect for you. Flavoured with the gooey nutella spread, the flaky buns tastes really good. 

4.  Turkey Cranberry Croissants 

The meaty touch of turkey and the sweet hints of cranberry pair well in a croissant. The chunks of meat are mixed with a flavourful cranberry sauce and lends the croissant a distinct taste. 

5.  Pizza Croissant 

Two delicious things in one, these pizza croissants are stuffed with vegetables, cheese and meat. The flaky and buttery croissants are perfect with the pizza toppings.