‘Tis The Season: 3 Edgy Christmas Cocktails You Must Try This Season

Come winters and we are all about the holiday season. Especially as soon as we hit December, the Christmas-y vibe starts to kick-in and we can’t seem to contain our excitement. With winter vacation, shopping spree, Christmas and New Year, the world goes on a festive mode during this time of the year and we have no complaints. And like any other festive vibe, Christmas time too is incomplete without food and drinks. It is traditionally associated with all sorts of delicious and comforting food, be it roast Turkey to Pumpkin Pie, Gingerbread cookies and so on. And then there are also a number of soul-stirring drinks such as mulled wine which the joyous festival of Christmas is incomplete without. These drinks are a huge part of such festivities and there’s nothing better than a glass of well-made cocktail to warm up in the winter chill, isn’t it? They are, after all, no less than a warm hug.  

So while you prep for the festivities with fruit cake and roast turkey, we’ve got some amazing options on cocktails that you can try this Christmas to amp up your feast. 

1. Mulled Wine 

Now this is a classic one. An essential part of Christmas since times immemorial, mulled wine was considered to be a warm, nourishing beverage that would keep the body healthy through the winter season. Did you know that the first-ever documentation of the mulled wine recipe was in a British cookbook dating back to 14th century? The recipe included French wine and other condiments such as honey, cinnamon, cardamom, galingale. Over time the recipe has gone through several changes and also include orange and lemon. 

2. Spiced Sangria

Oh how I love sipping over some sangria during the winter season. Spiced sangria is a special one with the goodness of cinnamon, cloves, star anise and cardamom cooked along with orange juice, wine and cider on a low flame. The brandy is stirred in the last, lending a distinct flavour and warmth. Can you think of a better companion to the winter festive season than a glass of this fresh, hot Sangria? Because I can’t.  

3. Hot Chocolate Cow 

Okay, we know how much we love the classic hot chocolate and how it spells decadence and festivity. But this cocktail right here is simply going to add in a boozy punch which you are absolutely going to love. This Christmas, we highly recommend you to try this edgier hot chocolate, which comes with freshly made hot chocolate filled in a glass over orange vodka, cream floating on top and triple sec liqueur drizzled all over it.