‘Blow My Skull Off’ Is One Cocktail That Is Sure To Blow Your Mind
Image Credit: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

'Blow my skull off' is an alcoholic punch drink that is very popular in Europe. Having originated from Austria, it is appraised to be a mind blowing drink for summers.The drink ‘blow my skull off’ is named after a lieutenant governor who was a heavy drinker and since it’s a remarkably strong and powerful drink, it has been named so. This drink is a blend of 5 major ingredients that combines rum, ale, lime juice, brandy and boiled water. Ale is an international beer that is somewhat sweet but also bitter and has a very strong flavor. Being an international beer, it's not easily found in many countries, especially our home country India. Freshly brewed beer is commonly used as a substitute that is easily available. This drink is quite addictive in taste that will make you want more than just one. When it comes to making a cocktail one can freely make as many subtle variations as desired by adding some secret yet intriguing ingredients. 

Come along and learn how to make this incredibly refreshing cocktail with us. 


  1. 1 pint rum
  2. 1 pint ale
  3. 2 pints boiling water
  4. Sugar syrup
  5. 10ml lime juice 
  6. Half pint brandy
  7. 20ml fruit punch (optional)

Do note that ale isn't readily available in India so make sure to replace ale with freshly brewed beer which will act as an ideal replacement to ale. 


  1. First add rum, ale, brandy sugar syrup and lime juice.
  2. Then add the rest of the ingredients into a shaker, filled with ice and shake it well for a few seconds.
  3. Single strain it into a chilled cocktail glass and finish off with a zest of lemon if you’d like.  
  4. Voila! Blow my skull off is ready.

This is the ultimate cocktail that will give you the summer vibes and freshness that one yearns for.