Here's The List Of India's Top 6 Progressive Indian Restaurants

By Bornika Das

July 4, 2023

A restaurant receives the title of progressive Indian when it serves a modern interpretation of traditional Indian cuisine. The dishes on the menu are a transition from the traditional way of presentation or technique. The food served showcases individuality, creativity and innovation.  

Farmlore, Bangalore 

The 37-acre farm and restaurant in Bangalore is known for its beautiful modern techniques with seasoal and regional produce and lace it with a sense of nostalgia.  The restaurant is headed by three star chefs namely Johnson Ebenezer, Mythrayie Iyer and Avinnash Vishaal. Some dishes exquisite dishes like “Gulabi”, a dish made with rose leather, Mandya bun and melon seeds, “Nerale”, made with a Jamoon, Teja Jelly and Sanikatta salt is a dessert and several others

Tresind, Mumbai  

Chef Sarfaraz Ahmed’s Tresind is constantly gaining popularity for innovation and ingenuity. The restaurant offers irresistible and extravagant culinary experience. The ambiance is quirky and stylish and serves food with a modern twist. The highlights of the menu include the mutton khari, vegan carpaccio, ajmeri kachori, Rajasthani cucumber curry, and the kosha mangsho.

Avartana, Chennai  

Located inside ITC Grand Chola, Avartana has redefined South Indian cuisine. It is made by magical blaend of traditional flavours, and ingredients with modern presentation. Nikhil Nagpal heads as a chef here. Infused tomato rasam, asparagus and coconut stew or pan-fried cod are soe of their popular dishes. 

Comorin, Gurugram

Comorin is a award-winning restaurant in Gurgaon that features regional Indian comfort food and craft cocktails. Some of the iconic dishes are sweet corn khichdi, arbi ghee roast, malai cheeni toast and more

Ekaa, Mumbai  

It is a contemporary bar and restaurant located in South Bombay and is a brain-child of chef Niyati Rao. It is known for its seasonal, ingredient-driven, dining experience. Each dish has a unique flavour and taste. crispy chicken wings, sausages tossed in honey and chilli and the buttery chicken parfait are some of their popular dishes. 

Indian Accent, New Delhi 

Helmed by chef Manish Malhotra, the restaurant has won many awards and honours from critics and diners all over the world. It showcases exquisite Indian cuisine by complementing the flavours and traditions of India with global ingredients and techniques. Some of their dishes are Daulat Ki Chaat, Duck Paratha, Pork Spare Ribs, and others.