Comforting Delicacies Of Himachal Pradesh You Must Try This Winter

By Nikita Toppo

These delicacies can keep warm and healthy during the chilly winter.

This steamed bun made with wheat along with sweet and savoury stuffing is mostly enjoyed with a hot cup of tea.


Made with chickpeas and yogurt, this popular curry is slow cooked with variety of spices.

Chana Madra

This rich curry is made with marinated lamb, gram flour and spices like cardamom, bay leaf and coriander.

Chha Gosht

This Himachali snack is similar to North India’s kachori, stuffed with black gram it is deep fried in oil.


Marinated with spices and coated with chickpea flour, this fish dish comes from the Chamba valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Chamba Fish Fry