7 Reasons You Should Add Amla To Your Diet

By Vidushi Singh

You may not be aware that eating amla makes your skin look lustrous. Yes, this is accurate because it helps prevent and treat other skin conditions in addition to anti-aging.


Amla contains vitamin C, which promotes healthy-looking skin and helps to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and premature ageing.


Prepare an amla paste, then apply it to the zit for 15 minutes. It is a natural blood purifier that prevents acne scars and breakouts.

Skin Tone

Frequent drinking of amla juice increases vitamin C levels and aids in the skin's increased production of collagen, giving it a young appearance.

Hair Health

Gooseberry juice or paste has the ability to strengthen hair follicles and speed up hair development. Your hair will become strong and glossy as a result.


Amla juice is supposed to cleanse the skin and lighten pigmentation whether applied topically or consumed.

Hair Conditioner

Amla juice helps to give your hair a smooth and lustrous finish and works well as a conditioner.

Grey Hair

Amla juice can be used to treat premature greying and dry hair. Using it is the greatest technique to combat any of the hair issues mentioned above.