5 Most Popular Mint Tea Blends

By Vidushi Singh

While mint is a delightful flavour on its own, it is also a common ingredient in many blends and a significant element of various global tea cultures. Several loose leaf mint blends are available and taste better when blended with premium teas and herbs.

Moroccan Mint Tea

Strong green tea and mint are combined to make Moroccan mint tea. Traditionally brewed with loose leaf tea.

Chocolate Mint Tea

Chocolate and mint is a combination that taste great. Chocolate is used in chocolate black tea and taste great.

Apple Mint Tea

One of the best iced teas ever is made with mint and apple, is so refreshing . Using dried apple bits and mint, we can prepare this tea.

Lemon Mint Tea

Both lemons and herbs with a lemony flavour, such lemon balm or lemongrass, pair well with mint.

Mint Ginger Tea

Fresh mint leaves, fresh ginger, or dry ingredients can all be used to make this fascinating and well-balanced cup . With  cooling and warming components.