The Top 8 Healthy Cheeses For People Who Can't Give Up Dairy On A Diet

By Shireen Jamooji

September 19, 2023

Trying to eat healthier can often feel like having to give up on everything you love to eat.  But if you just can't stay away from cheese, here are the most healthy ones you can opt for instead. 


Low in calories and saturated fat, it's a good source of calcium and protein, promoting bone health.

Blue Cheese

Rich in calcium and vitamin K, it aids in bone strength and heart health, but consume in moderation due to its high sodium content.


Lower in calories and fat, it's high in calcium and protein, supporting bone health and muscle growth.


Packed with protein and low in calories, it aids in muscle recovery and weight management.


High in protein and essential nutrients, it supports muscle growth and provides energy.


 Rich in calcium and protein, it promotes bone health and can enhance the flavour of dishes in small amounts.

Swiss Cheese

A good source of calcium and protein, it helps maintain strong bones and muscles.


High in protein and calcium, it supports bone health and can be enjoyed in moderation.