Soy To Eggs, 8 Foods To Avoid With Asthma

By Shreya Goswami

If you have asthma then you should beware of certain foods that are more likely to cause allergic reactions and trigger attacks. Here’s a list of foods to consider.

Dairy Products

Proteins present in dairy products can cause an allergic reaction, leading to airway inflammation and asthma symptoms.


The egg white, specifically, contains proteins that can cause an allergic reaction and potentially trigger asthma symptoms.


Certain types of seafood, such as prawns, shrimp, shellfish, and fish, have been reported as asthma triggers.


Peanuts and tree nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews are known allergens that can cause asthma symptoms.


Soy products, including soybeans, soy milk, soy nuggets and tofu, can also act as asthma triggers.


Wheat is a common allergen that can potentially exacerbate asthma symptoms in susceptible individuals.

Processed Foods & Beverages

Processed foods and beverages contain preservatives and additives like sulfites that can trigger asthma symptoms.


Alcohol consumption can potentially trigger asthma symptoms or worsen existing asthma in some individuals.