Rabri To Gujiya: 5 Paan Flavoured Recipe You Must Try

By Bornika Das

Betel leaves, popularly known as paan is often used as a mouth freshener after meals. Besides, it helps in digestion and prevent constipation and gastric pain. However, you must have had paan when mixed with chopped cherries, sweet jam-like spreads, crunchy titbits, and other aromatic spices. However, there are several recipes of paan available now. Check them out:

Paan Rabri

Paan Rabri is an exceprional dish where the rabri is blended with paan essence and paan leaves. Besides, cashew and gulkand are also added. It is garnished with falooda seeds, paan leaves and rose petals.

Paan Ice cream

Ice cream is loved by all, but have you tried paan rce cream? For this, all you need to do is bring out the extract juice of paan leaves and lemon juice. In the juice add cardamom powder, fennel seeds, dried dates, and gulkand. Next follow the steps of how to make an ice cream.  Serve cold!

Paan Sandesh

Make Sandesh in a regular way. For stuffing add dried figs, basil leaves, betel leaves, gulkand, crushed petha, fennel seeds, and cashews. Refrigerate and serve.

Paan Rice

Make a powder of roasted black gram, garlic, red chillies and sesame seeds. In oil, saute mustard and cumin seeds. chopped onions, turmeric, salt and chopped betel leaves. Fry them well. Add cooked fluffy rice and black gram powder and cook for three-four minutes. Serve hot.

Paan Gujiya

You must have tried gujiya, but this gujiya is flavoured with betel leaves. Follow the process of making normal gujiya. For the filling add add paan, khoya and dry fruits. Make small balls and roll them. Place the filling inbetween and seal it. Fry them and dip them in sugar syrup.