Top 5 Best Summer Mocktails With Non-Alcoholic Beer

By Team Editorial

A mocktail usually consists of fruit juices, syrups, and a few non-alcoholic ingredients. It is often decorated with garnishes such as fruit slices or herbs.


Shandy is made by mixing lemonade and non-alcoholic beer. It is an ultimate summer cooler without any risk of hangover.

Beer Mosa

Beer-Mosa is similar to a traditional mimosa, but with a Non-Alcoholic beer. It is a perfect beverage for non-drinkers during brunches.

Berry Beer Cooler

The combination of sweet berries and tangy lemon-lime soda tickles your taste buds with the fine bitter taste of the non-alcoholic beer.

Spiced Cider Beer

Spiced Cider Beer blends apple cider with non-alcoholic beer and spices. However, the bitter taste is balanced with the sweetness of the apple cider.

Ginger Beer Refresher has a sweet and little spicy taste. It is a grown-up drink just without the alcohol.

Ginger Beer Refresher