Need A Caffeine Jolt? Make Espresso Using Monsoon Malabar Coffee

By Krati Purwar

July 9, 2024

Among many varieties of coffee beans that India produces, one of the famous types is monsoon Malabar coffee. Its raw beans are exposed to humidity for 3-4 months of monsoon adding an earthy note and reducing acidity. Here is how to brew it.


2 tbsp coffee 4 cups of water Sugar as needed

Step 1

Get the roasted monsoon Malabar coffee for making an energising cup of espresso. 

Step 2

Grind the beans into a fine powder. You will experience a nutty aroma filling your kitchen.

Step 3

In a moka pot, add water and pour the coffee powder into the built-in filter.

Step 4

After screwing the top of the pot tightly, keep the pot on medium heat.

Step 5

Once the coffee powder begins to expand, and you can see foam on the top of the pot, turn off the heat.

Step 6

Pour the espresso and enjoy. You can add milk to this espresso and sugar to make a cappuccino.