Mooli For Winter: 5 Recipes To Try

By Nikita Toppo

Try these radish recipes to stay warm and healthy during winter.

This popular paratha made with grated radish and spices is a popular winter breakfast.

Mooli Paratha

This seasonal pickle is often made along with radish and goes well with rice as well as paratha.

Mooli Achaar

This simple and fuss-free side dish made with radish and spices can be served in lunch as well as dinner.

Mooli Sabzi

Also known as mooli lachha, this quick salad is made using fresh radish, green chillies, cilantro along with a hint of lemon.

Mooli Salad

This humble radish recipe is a popular Bengali delicacy that is made with spices like cumin powder and turmeric.

Mulo Chechki