Like Coffee? Try The Vietnamese Style Of Brewing

By Krati Purwar

April 3, 2024

For many people, coffee is necessary to kick-start their mornings. They cannot do without caffeine running through their veins. If you are tired of old black coffee or cappuccino, you must try Vietnamese coffee. It boasts a creamy texture and rich flavours and can be ready in just a few minutes. Try this delicious recipe.


Hot water 2 tablespoons grounded Vietnamese coffee Ice cubes 2 tablespoons condensed milk

Step 1

Add condensed milk in a heatproof glass with a coffee filter, also referred to as phin in Vietnamese. 

Step 2

Add grounded coffee in the phin and try to press it down using a filter press. Pour boiling water over the coffee.

Step 3

Once all the water has dropped through the filter, remove it, and gently mix water and condensed milk together.

Step 4

In another glass, add ice cubes and pour the coffee milk concoction into it.

Step 5

Taste the coffee. If you need more sweetness, increase the quantity of condensed milk in it.

Step 6

Serve immediately and enjoy its creamy-rich texture.