Kitchen Tips: How To Make Fresh Ginger Garlic Paste 

By Deepali Verma 

Our kitchens wouldn't be complete without the ginger-garlic paste. Therefore, we have discovered some techniques that will make it simple for you to make ginger-garlic paste at home, which will enhance the freshness and flavour of your meals. 

Step 1 

Choose garlic with large cloves so that peeling it would be much simpler. Tiny garlic cloves might be difficult to peel. 

Step 2 

To make a flavorful, rich paste, use fresh ginger and garlic. 

Step 3 

Do not add water when grinding; doing so will change the paste's consistency. 

Step 4 

The moisture released from the ginger and garlic will do the trick if you simply pulse the paste at a slow pace. 

Step 5 

While the paste is being ground, add salt and oil to serve as a preservative that keeps the colour from fading or darkening for a long time. 

The ginger-garlic paste should be kept in a dry, airtight container. This will extend the paste's shelf life. 

Step 6