Incorporate Fresh Turmeric In Your Diet Using 6 Key Tips

By Devi Poojari

July 12, 2024

Fresh turmeric or turmeric root is an extremely beneficial spice that possesses multiple nutritional properties including boosting immunity during the monsoon season. Tap to see some delicious ways in which you can use more of the root across a variety of applications.


Grate fresh turmeric into your glass of smoothie or juice for its vibrant colour and earthy flavour, which complement fruits like mango or pineapple.


Boil slices of fresh turmeric with ginger and a dash of honey for a soothing tonic which is great for cold days or as a post-meal digestive aid.


Simmer fresh turmeric in some milk along with a pinch of black pepper and honey for a soothing warm beverage to drink before bedtime.


Finely chop or grate fresh turmeric root to add to curries, stir-fries or stews; for it pairs well with vegetables, meats or tofu by infusing them with its distinct flavour.


The crunch of turmeric root coupled with robust pickling spices make for a delightful condiment that can be paired with rotis or parathas.


Infuse soups and broths with fresh turmeric by adding grated or thinly sliced pieces while simmering, to add depth and an earthy aroma to your comforting recipes.