Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: 8 Favourite Fruits Of Lord Ganesha To Offer And Eat This Week

By Shireen Jamooji

September 19, 2023

During the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, many fruits are offered as bhog to Lord Ganesha. But like all of us, he has some favourites.  Here are 8 fruits to offer and eat for the week of the festival.


Bananas are a great favourite of the sweet-loving Lord Ganesha. Their sturdy peel safeguards against contamination, making them a convenient choice. 


Considered the favourite fruit of Lord Ganesh, Guavas can boost immunity and prevent infections for better health. 


Also known as Wood Apple, Bael is considered highly auspicious and has many health-boosting properties since it’s naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.


The red fruit with medicinal properties is a cherished favourite of Lord Ganesha. It symbolises life, from death to rebirth and the juice boosts haemoglobin and health. 


Breaking a coconut marks the start of auspicious events, protecting against malevolent forces. This fruit is a favourite of Lord Ganesha and features in various offerings.


Lord Ganesha's preference for mangoes extends to many. The luscious, fragrant fruit is universally loved. Its juicy, yellow flesh and sweet aroma make it a staple offering.


This fruit ranks high among Lord Ganesha's favourites, offered when fully ripe. It symbolises a family's longevity.


While not necessarily a fruit, it’s often found among offerings for Lord Ganesh. The god is known to love anything sweet so of course crunchy sugarcane is a favourite.