Heard Of Commonwealth, World's Most Complicated Cocktail

By Ranita Ray

Image Source: concreteplayground.com

Most cocktails are simple if you have supplies, a well-stocked bar, and mixing skills. However, some cocktails are too complex and require more work. The Commonwealth is one of the world's most complicated cocktails.

Image Source: concreteplayground.com

71 Ingredients

Yes, you read that right. The Commonwealth recipe needs as many as 71 ingredients. Remembering the list itself is a task.

World In A Glass

The components come from all over the world. Prickly pears from Namibia, okra from Jamaica, honey from New Zealand, saffron from Pakistan, and more are all a part of it.

Mal Spence Created It

How so many things can squeeze into a regular coupe glass is a mystery. Mal Spence, a mixologist in Glasgow, created it honouring the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Image Source: VisitBritain@Twitter

Participant Nations' Flavours

The beverage contained 71 ingredients, representing the 20th Commonwealth Games' participating nations. At the Kelvingrove Café, Spence gave away 71 complimentary Commonwealth Cocktails.

Image Source: Thespiritsbusiness.com

Testing 300 Ingredients

Before arriving at the final product, the beverage designer experimented with over 300 ingredients to find the ideal blend of hundreds of diverse flavours.

Sweet, Tangy & Spicy

The Commonwealth cocktail mixes fruits, leaves, tamarind, spices, herbs, and ginger ale for a tart, sweet, and spicy drink. Scotch works as the alcohol base.

Image Source: mahaneyallison@Instagram