Boast About Your French Toast: Easy Recipes To Try 

By Jasmine Kaur

While you may love your French toast for breakfast, it is time to shake things up and try several variations of this humble bread dish. 

Masala French Toast 

The desi version of French toast, this one covers the bread slice in whipped eggs mixed with onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves and more. 

Challah French  Toast 

The thick Challah, a Jewish bread is coated with a sweet custard mix and pan-fried before being dusted off with powdered sugar. Drizzle some maple syrup to finish.  

Mexican French Toast 

This Mexican-style French toast is actually a dessert in the region. The star of this breakfast dessert is the special syrup that is drizzled on top of the milk and egg-soaked bread. 

Brioche Bacon French Toast Sticks 

A slightly different kind of toast, brioche is cut into sticks and fried bacon is sandwiched between them before being deep-fried and doused in maple syrup. 

Eggy Bread 

The Brits like to have their French toast in a savoury form and this eggy bread is made with eggs and milk minus the sugar.