Aadu Attipathal To Unnakaya: Explore These 10 Snacks From Kerala

By Bornika Das

Kerala, the state of beaches and backwaters is famous for its delicious cuisine. From snacks to main coarse meal, there are a wide range of food options. Besides, the state provides amazing snacks to fill your appetite. They act as perfect fitters and can be prepared in every household. Let's check out the 10 most popular snacks from Kerala:

Aadu Attipathal

This is one of the most loved mutton dishes having hot flavour and juicy texture, making the most of the base protein. This food has been inherited from the hills of Malabar and is loved by visitors and locals.

Egg Cutlet

Egg Cutlet is a perfect travel dish. As the name suggests, eggs are wrapped in crisp brown exterior, providing a perfect snack to munch on.

Erachi Vada

If you're a fan of vadas, this dish is the one for you. Prepared with minced mutton, the snack will fill your appetite while you gossip with your friends in the on a rainy evening.

Kottayam Churuttu

The dish combines a sweet and delicate filling with a crispy exterior. This is highly consumed as an evening snack in Kerala.

Muttamala & Pinjanathappam

This popular snack from the Malabar region has an eclectic combination. Muttamala resembling yellow noodles with its intricate loops made with egg yolk.. Pinjanathappam, an egg white pudding makes the ultimate dessert.


Pazhampori or banana fitters are one of the most popular evening snacks in Malayali households. The delicious and fresh banana soaked in smooth batter, makes an absolute amazing and quick snack,.

Prawns Ilayada

Hailing from Malabar, this is an absolutely different snack preparation in the state. What makes it exceptional is that the dough of this rich is made with rice. The filling is made of cooked spicy prawns. It is an excellent snack to fulfil your appetite.


This dish makes a perfect evening snacks from most of the simple and easy ingredients. The recipe uses banana, coconut and a gentle spattering of cardamom and raisins. The amalgamation of each ingredient makes this dish a popular one.


This snack is a sweet one and is made of rice, banana, jaggery and coconut. The smooth batter made from the core ingredients are made into round shaped and are fried till crispy and browned.

Uzhunnu Vada

Uzhunnu Vada or Medu Vada is a popular snack in the state. It is made into doughnut shaped with crispy exterior and soft interior. It is generally eaten in breakfast or as snack.