8 Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks To Enjoy While On A Weight Loss Diet

By Risha Ganguly

September 18, 2023

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Having a good time does not mean compromising on your diet. Likewise, being on a diet does not equate to not enjoying your food and drinks. So, here are 8 low calorie alcoholic drinks you can enjoy.

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Vodka Soda

Vodka mixed with soda water and a splash of fresh lime or lemon juice is a low-calorie and refreshing option.

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Light Beer

Opt for light or low-carb beer options, which generally have fewer calories than regular beer.

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Wine Spritzer

Mix white wine with sparkling water for a refreshing wine spritzer. This drink is lower in calories compared to a full glass of wine.

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Tequila and Soda

Tequila mixed with soda water and a squeeze of lime can be a lower-calorie alternative to high-calorie cocktails. 

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Champagne and prosecco are among the lower-calorie alcoholic options.

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Watermelon Cooler

Blend fresh watermelon with a shot of vodka and ice for a refreshing, low-calorie brunch drink. 

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Gin & Tonic

Gin mixed with tonic water is a classic and relatively low-calorie cocktail. 

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A traditional mimosa, made with champagne and fresh orange juice, can be a lower-calorie brunch option. 

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