7 Cooling Raita Varieties To Include In Your Summer Plate

By Devi Poojari

April 3, 2024

A creamy accompaniment to Indian meals – the raita is an iconic yoghurt-based, no-cook recipe that is versatile enough to incorporate a variety of ingredients into. From deep-fried boondi to red beetroot, raitas add flavour and texture, while off-setting strong flavours.


Combine the cooling properties of cucumber and yoghurt with chopped mint and cumin powder for a raita to eat with some simple pulao.


Also known as lauki raita, bottle gourd offers its fibre-rich properties with the probiotic goodness of fresh yoghurt in this recipe.


Add fibre, colour and vitamins to your plate with this earthy and bright pink raita made using grated and sauteed beetroot; enjoy with a plate of masala bhat.


A mildly-spiced creamy accompaniment flavoured with garlic and red chilli, the Burani version is typically enjoyed with a spicy main dish like biryani or curry.


This tempered yoghurt preparation from Kerala uses the sweet-tart chunks of fresh pineapple and fuses in classic South Indian flavours of curry leaves and mustard seeds.


Made using blanched and chopped bathua leaves mixed with yoghurt and common spices, the bathua increases the nutritional profile of an otherwise basic yoghurt recipe.


Make the most of summer’s king of fruits by using sweet mango chunks in seasoned yoghurt for an interesting interplay of flavours.