6 Reasons Why You Should Include Drumsticks In Your Diet 

By Bornika Das

February 28, 2024

You must have heard of drumsticks before. Do you know it contributes to ample health benefits to humans? Drumstick, whose leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds are all considered edible. Besides, it contains vitamins A and C, potassium, zinc, fibre, magnesium and other nutrients. Drumstick enhances the flavour of the dishes, and it is commonly used in sambar, avail and other side dishes. Take a look at some of its health benefits: 

Regulate Blood Sugar Level

Drumsticks are a boon for people with diabetes. They boost the function of the gall bladder, which, in turn, helps maintain the blood sugar levels in the body. 

Enhances Digestive Health

Drumsticks are excellent sources of vitamin B, like riboflavin, which enhances digestive health. Drumsticks also contain dietary fibres that aid the digestive process. 

Helps Purifies Blood

Drumsticks possess blood-purifying properties and act as potent antibiotic agents. By consuming drumsticks regularly, you can improve your blood circulation well. 

Boosts Immunity

Drumsticks act as an immunity booster and help control body temperature and fever. That is why whenever the weather starts changing, one must include drumsticks in their diet. 

Facilitates Bone Development 

Drumsticks contain high amounts of iron and calcium. Consuming them can play a vital role in developing healthy and strong bone structures. 

Prevent Respiratory Diseases 

Drumsticks come with anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing respiratory diseases. Moreover, vitamin C also inhibits the growth of allergies in the respiratory tract.