This World Tuna Day, we’ll give you 5 reasons to start eating Tuna today.


1. Good for Bone Strength:   

It contains Vitamin B that’s good for bones and reduces the risk of injuries.  


2. Aids Weight Loss:   

Tuna contains lots of nutrients and protein while being low in fat content. So, you can add this to your diet to see results.   

3. Keeps Cholesterol in Check:   

It's rich in omega-3 fatty acids which allow the heart to function smoothly as it balances the blood vessels in arteries.  

4. Glowing And Radiant Skin:   

If tuna is a part of your diet, you can rest assured that your skin is going to be at its best, owing to the vitamin B complex. Another contributor in this regard is elastin, a protein due to which your skin gets a smooth tone.   

5. Eyesight And Hair Health:   

Belonging to the mackerel family, tuna’s omega 3-fatty acids are the perfect solution for improving eyesight and hair quality.   


How to Include Tuna Fish in Your Diet?   

Go-to Salad Protein: 


Make a tuna salad with lettuce, spinach, celery, kale, and other veggies. You can add healthy salad dressing instead of mayo-based dressing. You can also add bread to compliment your salad.   


Sandwich or Rolls, your choice:   


Prepare a nice mixture with tuna, vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, and some homemade yoghurt sauce. You could add fruits like grapes to give it a little kick. Spread it on your bread or roll it up.   


Grilled Fish:   


Grilling tuna in a little olive oil brings out all its flavors well. Pair it up with some salsa made with fresh fruits to add a tangy accompaniment to your dish.