Who doesn’t love a good bowl of spaghetti? Long strands of noodles tossed in the creamiest sauce sprinkled over with mixed Italian herbs. Voila, right? Spaghetti is perhaps one of the most popular kinds of pastas hailing from Italy, which is now recognized around the world. While it is not as difficult to make good spaghetti at home, you will have to agree that it is quite a task to boil some. If you are, even remotely privy to Italian cuisine, you would be aware that you’re never supposed to break the strands before boiling it, even if it doesn’t quite fit in the pot. When an American woman named Sarah broke a bunch of Spaghetti noodles in half, what followed was a hilarious meltdown of her Italian fiance Carlo. Sarah recorded her whole reaction on camera and the video is now viral across platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

The video begins with Sarah asking Carlo if she was holding the right amount of pasta, “Is this enough for both of us?”, she asks. “Little bit more”, he replies.  

Immediately after this Sarah goes on to break the pasta in half and Carlo cannot wrap his head around it, “Sarah but are you crazy. I have to eat this... pasta so short”, he says in complete shock.  

“What do you mean?”, says Sarah trying make her point,  

“This is no spaghetti my love come on”, says Carlo who is still having a hard time to recover.  

“ It doesn’t fit in the pan..” Sarah argues. 

At this point, Carlo is right next to the countertop trying hard to finish his point. 

“You don’t understand me...You can’t cut the pasta so short...You cut the pasta, you know it is illegal in Italy” he asserts in a heartbroken voice.  

Twitter is having a gala time reacting on the interaction, have a look.  


The video was shared by the couple on Instagram on their page @carloandsarahtiktok