On a sweaty summer day, don’t you feel like drinking something that can refresh your body and soul? Pickletini is nothing but a hybrid of  “pickle” and “martini”. 

This martini is very simple and you can make a marinated martini by using either gin or vodka. This pickletini is made with vodka, but you can also try adding gin. You can easily substitute this cocktail with a gin pickle martini. However, people often confuse whether a martini is made from gin or vodka.  

If you visit a more classic bar, the martini is probably paired with gin. The modern pub, on the other hand, is more inclined to offer a martini drink with vodka. The great thing about martini is that you can try different gins and vodka to find out what works best for your taste.

Both drinks are popular cocktail mixes, especially martinis. In fact, sometimes both the drinks match together to create an element in making a successful traditional martini. If you ask about the core difference between vodka and gin, it’s the taste of these two drinks. Although both are clear and colourless, their effect on taste is different.

There are many ways to make a really delicious traditional pickletini but here’s a commonly used version of it. 

Ingredients you need

2 ½ ounces vodka 

1 ounce pickle juice



  • Take a martini shaker and pour ice into it.
  • Pour vodka and pickle juice into a shaker. Shake several times and pour into a martini glass.
  • Garnish with pickle slices and serve.

Note: Try using a high quality pickle juice if you want a fresher and better pickletini. The best pickles are usually in the cold compartment because they are much fresher and contain fewer preservatives, and so on than those that can be stored on warm shelves.

This salty drink is the perfect refreshment after spending a whole day outside in hot weather.