As an expert in your field, a professional sommelier must be familiar with the jargon of the wine world. This will go a long way in extending better hospitality and service to the connoisseurs of wine.  


Here are 5 terms that you should know if you are a sommelier or aspiring to be one.  


1. Chewy/Grippy  


Usually when you drink red wine, you might experience a certain drying sensation. This astringency in your mouth is caused by tannins that are present in grape seeds, their skin as well as stems. This is referred to as chewy or grippy.  


2. Angular/ Lean  


When the wine is not smooth, it is angular. This means that it has a high acidic level and directly points to your mouth. It can be called angular, lean or austere.  


3. Corked  

This is a fairly common terminology that is used by wine connoisseurs. Usually, when a wine has lost its fruity aroma and flavors, it is called corked. This occurs due to a cork taint and the wine starts to give a musty hint.  


4. Supple/Amiable 


The suppleness of the wine is the lack of angular taste. It’s smooth, rounded and well-balanced acid levels that ensure that the astringent sensation does not overpower the taste of the wine.  


5. Bretty/Funky 


If someone says the wine is bretty, it means that it has a funky smell that is lent to it by a wild yeast that grows on grapes. Usually, this is not a good sign but if in a moderate degree, bretty wines can have a distinct flavourBretty is often used in case of red wines.  


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