Now analyze your eating habits and decide which category do you fall into? Irrespective of which category you belong to, this quick read will give you plenty of reasons to either switch or continue to stay a slow eater for the future.   

Here are four reasons that will help you understand the essence of eating slowly.   

1. An Improved Digestion

If you are eating slowly, you are doing the job of breaking down the food particles in the mouth itself. This allows the food to secrete digestive juices efficiently as it travels through the stomach to the intestine. Due to this, you’ll have proper and smooth digestion. 


2. Aids Weight Loss

This may be an added benefit. Studies have shown that if you chew slowly, you tend to gain fewer calories which can help in weight loss. This is because the brain takes time to register the feeling of fullness. A fast-paced eating style will not send that signal to the brain in time and you would end up eating more than is needed by your body.   

3. Mindful Eating  

It is important to note that eating is a pleasurable activity. Eating in a rushed manner can turn it into a stressful event like all others in our life. This is will leave no scope for the pleasure we derive from eating, experienced by us through the dopamine hormone. Slow eating will allow you to relish every bite. 


4. Slow Eating Is A Lifestyle Choice

Eating healthier food is the ideal way of life. However, we might want to satiate our cravings now and then. Eating a burger or a pizza slowly will help you register its taste, smell, and the entire experience of joy in your brain for a longer period. This will help you control unwanted cravings at odd hours.