What comes to your mind when we say the word ‘truffle’? We know it is your chocolatey treat that you enjoy especially during some special occasion. We are going to change this visual for you. Surprisingly, real and edible truffles are a form of fungi. They require calcareous soil to grow. You can find these in a few parts of the world including China, the Middle East, France, New Zealand, Italy, and the Pacific Northwest. Truffles grow in abundance near trees with broad leaves like Hazelnut or Oak. Edible truffles are extremely costly. You would be astonished to know that in the year 2014, the world’s largest truffle weighing 2 kilos was auctioned for Rs. 45,27,450. You must be thinking why is it so expensive? Read further to end your curiosity. 

Firstly, truffle harvesting is a manual process and it may take even six years for you to get the truffle of premium quality. Also, the right kind of soil condition is essential for the growth of edible fungi or truffle around the trees. 

Moreover, identifying real truffles amongst various grown fungi is a challenge. Hunting the edible ones requires sniffer dogs. This labour-intensive process takes a lot of time and the real truffle becomes pungent in taste in just five days as its shelf life is short. That is the reason why truffles are one of the costliest food items in the world. Notably, a rare Italian truffle costs approximately Rs 2,96,882 per kg.