In most parts of northern India, kadhais are out by the time it’s monsoon season.  Then starts the frequent cravings for pakoras, samosas, kachoris and jalebis, not to forget a piping hot cup of tea on the side. The South is not far behind. They get ready with their own set of monsoon specials while enjoying the view and weather from their rooftops and balconies. Curious about what’s on Kerala’s monsoon platter? Let’s not keep you waiting. 

1. Pazhampori 

The extensive availability and use of banana in South Indian cuisine is not news to us. Like we have our favourites; aloo pakora, paneer pakora, palak pakora, they’ve got theirs too. These banana fritters are deep-fried and then dipped in a bowl of chutney for the best experience. Here’s how you can make it too. 

2.  Arikadukka 

Seafood is something you cannot miss when you’re so close to the coast. Kerala makes the most of their fresh seafood variety, not just in curries, but as delectable snacks too. This stuffed mussels snack is loved in monsoon by the locals, who stuff it with a rice paste along with some onions. The trick is to steam it first and then fry it (don’t remove the shells). 

3. Parippu Vada 

Distinct from the huge, donut-shaped vadas we are served in metros like Delhi, parippu vada is another cousin of our north Indian pakora. Made with moong dal and finely chopped green chilies, these fritters are fried till they crispy hot. They are nothing like the usual vada sambhar but small, round-shaped cutlets. 

4. Appam 

Tiny, flat-pancakes, made with rice and steamed to perfection, appams can be enjoyed as a standalone snack or could be accompanied with some egg curry. 

Seems like we know when is the best time to visit the backwaters, eh?