Do you watch popular cooking videos on YouTube? Do some English words used in them confuse you? If those terms are boiling and broiling, we are here to tell you the difference between the two. They may sound similar but are extremely discrete from each other. While boiling means heating liquid, broiling stands for cooking by direct heat. Let’s know more about them.

What Is Boiling?

Boiling refers to immersing food into the water and bringing the liquid to its boiling point to cook the food or just heating a liquid. It is a common way to cook vegetables. Mostly those who are health conscious opt for boiled vegetables. However, certain food items lose their nutritional value when boiled. These include swiss chard and squash. On the other hand, a few foods cannot be eaten without boiling such as rice, pasta, meat, etc. 

What Is Broiling?

Broiling is basically cooking something by directly exposing it to intense heat. To broil, you can either keep the food over a gas burner or on a grill over live coals. The temperature needs to be extremely high when broiling. Do not confuse it with boiling, roasting, and baking. Roasting requires the turning of food from time to time while baking is meant for either liquid or semi-liquid foods that become solid after the process. Mostly, fish, red meat, and fowl are broiled over coals or on a wooden plank.