Both cold brew and cold coffee are served by some of the most popular brands. These beverages are different from each other and the dissimilarity lies in the way of making them. While cold coffee can be prepare instantly, cold brew takes at least a day’s preparation to be made. That’s the basic difference. There are various ways of brewing coffee and we use the one that takes the longest time, to prepare cold brew concoction.

 What is The Difference Between Cold Brew And Cold Coffee?

To make cold brew, you need to soak coffee beans in room temperature water for long hours. Grind your coffee beans and transfer them to a coffee container. Add some water and stir nicely. Let the ground coffee soak overnight. Later, the next day, strain the coffee concoction and mix cold milk and ice to it. Your cold brew is ready. Notably, while making cold brew, you do not need to dilute your coffee concentrate as much as that of cold coffee. Also, cold brew remains fresh for longer than cold coffee.

On the other hand, cold coffee is made by brewing coffee concentrate hot. Later, you blend it with cold milk and ice. That is why you see the formation of froth over the cold coffee container. However, the froth doesn’t form while making cold brew. Other items like ice cream, cookies, whipped cream, and sprinkles also go into a cold coffee.

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