We've all had our share of drinks. What we choose to drink determines which lot we come from: the sweet kind or the adventurous. Surely, there are more categories. But here, we only talk about two. Are you wondering what your choice of drink says about you? We list it out here. 


Ingredients: wine, fruits. 

If someone's choice of drink is sangria, then he or she is the alpha of the sweet people lot. They love the idea of partying, letting loose, and drinking, but they just cannot bring themselves together to go all the way. They'd rather look after people who are enjoying the high but are drunk. Like Sangria, they make others happy, and they make the world better. They have some idea about their contagious energy and sunny personality. But a lot of times, they think that they are an alien on this planet. Why they think the way you do is a mystery. But let us tell them that they aren’t. Sip up, pal! No harm.  


Ingredients: apparently, it's a secret. Many say it has apricot, mainly.

People who love this drink are probably those who hang around with an adventurous pal, but haven’t fully understood the many hats he or she wears, or, have experienced the kicks which their pal always seems to be talking about. They've got a lot of their own stories which they never tell. Why they choose this drink for themselves has nothing to do with being shy. On the contrary, they are only ‘slightly bashful’, and on most occasions, they don’t mind getting out of their comfort zone and kicking up their heels. A little sip of southern comfort goes a long way!  


Ingredients: tequila, Cointreau, lime juice

Photo: Taylor Simpson

There are people who love saying, “I am always the host/hostess”. Their parties are the toast of the town, and their bartending skills are the envy. Their choice of adventurous drink is a margarita because it is one of the most popular drinks, after all. And they always have it at their parties. Everyone comes to them with their problems, and they know exactly how to pitch solutions — by making their friends a margarita cocktail! They don’t encourage people to drink away their problems, though. Once the wasted are sober, they talk it out with them, thus clarifying that life is an adventure so one should enjoy it before it's late.  


Ingredients: vodka, lemon juice, tomato juice, pepper, salt, tabasco, worcestershire sauce

First of all, fans of this drink love that the drink is named bloody mary. Are they religious? Possibly. But they may feel on the edge if you judge them for ordering a drink called bloody mary. You know they are hungover. But you also know they don’t have a drinking problem. Sipping on a bloody mary for brunch is their idea of fun. When the cocktail arrives on the table, you feel nothing but love for their whimsical choice of drink! They obviously have an adventurous streak.  

 Photo: Drew Beamer


Ingredients: vermouth, whisky, cherries

This is a great cocktail! The old-fashioned Manhattan is a beautiful drink. So if someone's choice of drink is a Manhattan, he or she may be a strong and sensible individual and loves the tunes of Dance Monkey in secret. They are the kind who put on a sturdy exterior, and they strongly believe in principles and nurturing boundaries. They know how to empower their friends.  

We think that what you drink and eat says a lot about you. Love your quirks, traits and respect what you bring to the table. Salud!