Wedding bells and food go hand in hand. Put your finger on any country on the map and do a quick search. This holds true for every place. Weddings are considered to be very auspicious across cultures and a day of celebration is incomplete without the special festivities, particularly food.   

And we found a few quirky food traditions from different countries, that are a customary practice in weddings. Let’s take a look.   

1. South Korea’s Jujube Tossing   

This is a post-wedding ceremony meant only for the immediate family. Just like Indian brides throw rice, their brides pay respects by offering Jujubes and chestnuts to the groom’s family. This is symbolic of fertility. These are then tossed back to the bride who is supposed to catch as many as she can as this is believed to determine how many offsprings will she bear.   

2. China’s Rice Ball Soup Eating  

Popularly known as Tangyuan, these are sweet rice balls that the bride and groom are made to eat before/ on the day of their wedding. This is a sign of good luck and a smooth marriage so they are supposed to swallow these balls and not chew them. No wonder if the bride/groom is having second thoughts about marriage post this ritual.   

3. Bulgaria’s Breaking Bread Tradition  

A giant loaf of bread is prepared and served with honey to the couple on the day of marriage. This act is a gesture to bring the two families closer together as well as welcome each other. Then when it's held over the couple’s head, the one who manages to pull a bigger piece is believed to be dominating in the relationship.   

4. Nigeria’s Kola Nut Sharing

Originating from the Iglo tribe in Nigeria, these nuts have great medicinal properties. They are used in weddings where the couple shares these nuts with both sides of their parents. They are significant because it showcases the ability of the bride and the groom to resolve their differences with each other to hold the marriage together.   

Does your culture have such intriguing wedding rituals too?