YouTube is one place where one can find all kinds of video content- from hilarious stand-up comedy, hacks and fails, to adorable baby videos and even the most bizarre of experiments. Unreal food experiments too are a part of the lot.  If you are someone who loves to watch bizarre food combinations being tried and tested, you are bound to have field day here . And one tap on a video can have you hooked for the day. Content creators, in order to garner views, increase reach and set records, often end up conducting experiments that we dare not try.

In a recent such video, which went viral, a YouTuber attempted to do one such unique experiment, wherein he combined lots of Mentos candy with three different fizzy drinks, and we were not prepared for the mega reaction it had. Take a look:

The video shared by Power Vision, has received over 4 million views since it was uploaded on 2nd July, 2021, and is at #42 on the top Trending videos on YouTube in India as of 8th July. 

In the short clip of just 14 seconds, we can see a plastic container brimming with Mentos candies. Three balloons with fizzy drinks are placed in the plastic candy box, labelled as Coco Cola, Sprite and Fanta. Each balloon is popped one after another as the box starts to fill up. Within seconds, the entire box erupts like a volcano. The liquid overflows out of the box and after inflating quite a lot, it subsides into a small structure. The explosion is said to be caused by the sudden rise in carbon dioxide due to interaction of the two substances, which builds up a rapid pressure for its release.

The trending video soon garnered a whole lot of comments Youtube users. While a hilarious comment read “Wow. So that explains what happened in my buddy's bachelor party “, another user was amazed by the results and wrote, "It's like soda volcano!"