We are always told to keep calm in stressful situations, but how often are we able to do so? Especially if someone is robbing us at gunpoint. Seems impossible, isn't it? But thanks to a bucket of chicken wings, a man in a recent viral from a restaurant exhibited surprising calmness amid a robbery. What looks like a hilarious minute-long video right now, was a robbery situation at a restaurant where a thief entered the restaurant wearing a helmet and carrying a weapon. He started to rob the hostages and restaurant at gun point, which led to quite a commotion at the restaurant, with people trying to escape the restaurant in a hurry except a man who continued to enjoy his chicken wings all this while. He also calmly gave away his phone, without leaving his chicken wings. Unbelievable? Watch the YouTube video:

The video went viral in no time with about 325K views until now. In this 1 minute, 11 seconds long CCTV footage which shows the date as 17th June, 2021, we see how the man is already enjoying his food when the robber enters wearing carrying a weapon and reaches on the counter to take the money perhaps. And while everyone else is trying to flee at the sight, this man chose to calmly focus on food. Towards the end of the video, the robber is seen leaving the restaurant while the man still keeps eating his meal as if nothing happened.

He seems to be accompanied by another woman, who was visibly shaken and also had to give away a chain she was wearing. But the man seemed unperturbed!

The epic viral video attracted many hilarious reactions from thousands of YouTube users, who shared their thoughts in the comments section. "Those must be some pretty decent wings", wrote 'Real Violence For Knowledge 2' who in the caption. "This could be my last chicken wing' could've crossed his mind," wrote one user while another asked, "What did people expect him to do? Throw it away?" Several others also commented on how good the food must be, "The food there must taste awesome, like ambrosia!"