We all try to eat cereals and oat bowls but get bored of them in a while. So, here’s a perfect healthy breakfast alternative that you can enjoy daily.  

Recently, a nature’s cereal recipe went viral on Tik Tok and took the social media by storm. This was originally posted by a man who goes by the name @natures_food on Tik Tok. He is known for using fresh nature’s produce in his recipes and this time it was the Nature’s cereal that he posted casually. His 30 second video garnered 5.6 million views in just some time and since then, everyone has been making their own versions of it. 

How can you make the Nature’s Cereal?  

Take some freshly cut strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and sprinkle some pomegranate seeds in a bowl. In place of milk, fill it with fresh (preferably) coconut water. Make sure all the fruits and the coconut water are cold so as to enjoy the refreshing taste. Start your mornings with this fresh fruit bowl.  

Now that’s the original recipe. In several variations, people have added kiwi, mangoes and other fruits of their choice. You can experiment with it, trying something new each day.  

Health Benefits 101: Eating Nature’s Cereal  

Many dieticians and nutritionists have called this a great way to include fruits in your diet. This bowl is a powerhouse of antioxidants, filled the natural sweetness of fruits and balanced by the refreshing coconut water. This keeps you hydrated and energized, kickstarting your morning the right way.  

Tetra Packs of cereals are a thing of the past. Switch to the nature’s cereal for a healthy start.