Jaggery or gud is unrefined sugar obtained from sugarcane juice without removing the nutritious molasses. It is considered a healthier substitute for sugar and India being its biggest producer, gud is used as a sweetener in many Indian dishes. Often used in Ayurvedic medicines, jaggery is known to offer both health and beauty benefits. If you're up for trying some easy-to-make homemade sweet dishes containing jaggery then below is a small list for you.

Gud ka halwa

Jaggery adds a unique flavour to any halwa you're making and if you try it once there's no going back to putting sugar in your halwa.

Gud ki kheer

Also known as Gurer Payesh, jaggery in kheer adds a very different flavour compared to sugar in kheer. Used many times as prasad in temples, jaggery mixed in rice and milk gives a balanced and delicious taste that you won't find in any other dessert.

Gud ki roti

This can be a very healthy breakfast or evening snack for you. You can make gud ki roti for your kids. Most probably, they will like it.

Til ke laddoo

Having til ke laddoo is a very common way of consuming jaggery in India. Every Makar Sankranti market is packed with stalls selling til items. However, til laddoos made with jaggery are something you can try at home too. If you wish you can go for similarly made murmure laddoos (laddoos made with puffed rice and jaggery) too.

Peanut laddoo

Roasted peanuts and jaggery in your laddoos, sounds yummy? It can be a great combination to have as both are a good source of energy and linked to various other health benefits.