Let's burst the myth, gaining weight is equally tough as losing it! You're taking your meals properly, sleeping and exercising and still, there's no or very little improvement. Or maybe you're very close to it and all you need is a little change and substitution in your food habits. Here are four changes and substitutions you can make to achieve your weight goals.

Start the day with milk

You might have made changes to your breakfast but not in your regular tea routine. If you're starting your day with something sweet, why not let it contribute to your weight gain? Go for a glass of milk or best if you can add one or two bananas in your milk. Both fruit and milk are considered ideal for weight gain and overall energy and nutrients.

Include nuts in your diet

Often we prefer desserts or anything sweet after meals or in between the day. Yes, chocolate or ice cream will make you gain weight but many of us don't understand that there is a right and wrong way of gaining weight. Weight gain from sugar could be harmful in the longer run. Instead, go for nuts. Some almonds will be a tasty and very healthy option. You can prefer nuts in your meals or sweet dishes too. The idea is to work for overall health.


Rice could be one very simple contribution to your weight gain. Sometimes we're taking wheat flour items thrice or at least twice a day. Try to go for rice dishes more often than you do without having to eat rice two times a day. It's a great source of carbohydrates and will easily increase your calories.

Red meat

Instead of common meat items, you can prefer red meat for weight gain. It is preferred if you're trying to gain muscles as well. However, this item should be consumed in a balanced and advised quantity.

Whole grains

Like bread in your breakfast? Then substitute your normal bread with whole-grain ones. They contain carbohydrates and sometimes seeds which will help in gaining weight. You can also include multi-grain chapattis in your meals which will be healthier and definitely taste better.