Black food trend came recently and now it's only getting more popular day by day. It keeps on trending on the internet and people taking photographs of black dishes has become common these days. One of such dishes is the black-coloured activated charcoal ice cream. It has gained huge popularity and is high in demand. People are getting attracted to black dishes because of their health benefits. Mainly activated charcoal is used to give the food a black colour. Activated charcoal is good for the skin and detoxifies and cleans the body. Activated charcoal is also colourless and odourless so it will not affect the flavours of the food. Apart from charcoal, squid ink, dark chocolate, black raspberries, black pepper, and rice are also some options to get the desired aesthetics in food. Here are 4 options to opt for if you are thinking to bring some visual treats to your dining table.

Charcoal Ice Cream

This trendy ice cream looks extremely delicious and is simply irresistible. Black cream on black cone and rainbow sprinkles on it make the ice creams look so pretty you'll find all sorts of pictures of people flaunting it on the internet.

Black Flatbread

This activated charcoal bread loaded with veggies is perfect for breakfast or snacks. It's healthy and looks great.

Black Velvet Cake

If you are a fan of red velvet cake, then this option will blow your mind. The reason being the texture looks even more gorgeous in black. You can try different combinations and flavours. Black and red, black and white or completely black, this cake will be a masterpiece in all forms.

Black Noodles

If you're including noodles in a lunch meal and want to offer your guest a visual treat, then go for this. You can add colour vegetables and chicken to give an overall good wholesome look. These noodles are attractive apart from being tasty.